The Michael E. Thornley Association

The River Ribble, Lancashire and the homeland of the Thornleys’

Welcome to the Michael E. Thornley Association

H.E. Senhor Col. Michael E. Thornley
Adventurer, Author, Humanitarian, Genealogist, Naturalist.


  • Director of the Asia Pacific Royalty Association (APRA)
  • Consultant and Development Programmer – Sultanate of Banten, Indonesia
  • Consultant of the Sultanate of Mindanao Darussalam Negara Filipina, Philippines
  • H.E. Ambassador for the Pertubuhan Bangsa Melayu Filipina (PBMF) and the Malay Heritage Organisation of the Philippines
  • H.E. Goodwill Ambassador for the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, Uganda
  • H.E. Chancellor Emeritus & former Colonel aide-de-camp, House of Kamakahelei, Hawai’i
  • Hon. Kentucky Colonel, Kentucky, USA

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