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A random act of kindness

A random act of kindness

As you will see in the following video an act of kindness can be very simple in the giving yet monumental for the one receiving it. Give some of your time to assist another now…….

I gave my time today for another, did you?

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’

Karim Metwaly


I went to give this homeless man money but he wanted something much more. A friend.

Watch on YouTube:

Karim Metwaly Wow over 11 million views. That is something truly inspiring. It is good to see people out there support kind acts and I hope everyone out there takes the time to help one another. Please feel free to head to my Youtube channel to Subscribe and watch more videos like this

“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” with Kristen Owens

“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset”

GUEST POST: Shared from an Email I received from

Kristen Owens – Author, Speaker, Coach, Holistic Nutritionist

This is line with what I have talked about in the past and worth sharing with you all again.

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’
– Wealth creation- achieving the lifestyle


What I hear often from clients and even random people is they can’t seem to increase their income to a place where it’s not just about paying bills but really being able to live, travel, and enjoy their life.  They are not successful in this area.

It’s important to become clear about what is standing in your way from making more money. I’ve noticed that whatever that block is, tends to show up in other areas of your life; weight, health, business, relationships.
Regardless of where you are in your financial journey what I can tell you are these 4 tips to move you in the right direction and make strides forward to the success you desire and creating more….more money, more time, more freedom, more happiness.
Here are 4 mindset secrets I use:
1.  The bigger my fear, the bigger reason to choose it.   If you’re not feeling any fear then you are stuck in your comfort zone.  If you are feeling fear about doing something then just do it, otherwise that fear will keep you where you don’t want to be and everything will stay status quo.  If your fearful to do what is necessary to get out of debt then do it….that is the very thing that will help you.
2. Make decisions based on where you want to be.  Rather than where you don’t want to be.  Ask yourself where you want to be financially in a year.  Be clear as to what you want. You will be sending a message to your unconscious that you’re ready. When your unconscious is ‘in the game’ you will begin to notice things around you change and line up. Ie. When I first invested in a coach to help me transform my money mindset and my relationship with money I was scared because it was a large chunk of cash. When I invested I quickly saw changes begin to happen around me where more money started to come in.  I am no longer in the same place financially because I invested in me…was it scary? Yes. Did it change my life? Yes.
3.  What is important to you & why are you doing it?  Ask yourself why it is important to you to make more money. What will you do with it, who will it impact, how much more do you want than you make now?  My reason for doing what I do is because I want to impact women globally to succeed in their business’s and create financial and time freedom to live on their terms instead of growing someone else’s dream.  You deserve this.  Know your why!
4.  Commit first. When you commit to changing your life and your finances to live your dreams you begin to put into place the very energy needed to begin making this happen.  There is a difference when you commit and when you ‘try’ and see what comes.  Commitment is doing the thing even after the feeling you had in beginning wears off.  Are you committed to moving forward, succeeding and doing what it takes?  Don’t worry about the how just commit first then the how will reveal itself.
Mindset is key when it comes to increasing your income. In fact, it’s the key to everything.  If you missed my webinar “Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” or you want to view again then click here to listen to it now.
If you’re at a place where you know it’s time to see your desires manifest and you want to increase your income then the only way to get what you want is by getting clear with your vision and your action plan.  If you’d like some help putting together an action plan, I’d be happy to jump on a quick (but powerful) call with you!  Just click reply with “let’s chat”. 
To your Success,

Getting the right perspective in life

Getting the right perspective in life

I was about to write a blog on having a Healthy Perspective in life when I read the following article and decided to share with you instead…
Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’



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GUEST BLOG: Shared from Living Life Fully with Jeff Keller

How to Develop
a Healthy Perspective
Jeff Keller

Everyone experiences problems from time to time.  But the way in which people respond to their troubles can vary greatly.  Take the example of two drivers, each of whom gets a flat tire on the way to work.  The first motorist’s whole day is ruined.  He mumbles about his rotten luck for hours, spreading blame wherever he can and accomplishing very little at work.  The other driver, however, treats the flat tire as a minor inconvenience.  He has it repaired and quickly moves on, proceeding to have an enjoyable, productive day.

Each encountered the exact same problem.  So, why did one driver get so upset while the other handled the situation with ease?  What distinguishes them is their perspective.

The dictionary defines perspective as “the capacity to view things in their true relation or relative importance.”  Think about the people you know.  Do you have any friends or co-workers who continually dwell on petty nonsense, such as who has the larger office window?  And how about those who sever ties with close family members because of a dispute over the seating arrangements at a wedding?  It’s clear that these individuals have lost sight of the “relative importance” of things!

Too many people blow their problems way out of proportion, devoting precious mental energy to situations which do not carry “life or death” consequences.  Virtually all of us will fall into this trap on occasion, but those who spend the least amount of time obsessing on trivial circumstances are likely to accomplish far more–and be happier in the process!

Yet, perspective encompasses more than just steering clear of petty upsets.  It suggests that you’ve considered your place in this world and that you appreciate “the big picture.”

As you widen the lens of your perception, you’ll experience less tension, improve your attitude, develop keener insight into the meaning of your life, and most likely enjoy greater material success as well.  The question, then, becomes:  how can we develop more perspective?

One surefire way is through encountering and overcoming adversity.  Dealing with difficult situations leaves you with a new outlook about what is truly important in your life.  If, for example, you’re faced with a life-threatening illness, poor service in a restaurant will no longer seem very crucial.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a major catastrophe in order to gain perspective.  Here are some suggestions to broaden your outlook which you can implement right away:

1.  Look at your problem in the context of your entire life.  Ask yourself:  How important is this difficulty in the overall scheme of things?  What will this matter ten years from now?  Okay, so you have a leak in your bathroom.  It won’t significantly affect the rest of your life.  Or, let’s say a prospective sale falls through.  Sure, you’re disappointed, but it isn’t the end of the world.  The key is to see the problem for what it is–and not let it dominate your thinking for an entire day, week, or month.

2.  Think often about how you fit into the “big picture.”  Ask yourself:  Why am I here?  What is my mission in life?  Am I following my purpose?  Am I resisting a path which continues to beckon me?  These are not silly, philosophical questions which applied only to Plato and Socrates.  I’ll be the first to admit that I never used to think about such issues.  But I do now. . . and it has enriched my life tremendously.  When you begin to contemplate these questions, you’ll pay less attention to petty annoyances–and be able to spend more time on things which will help you be a better person and make a more significant contribution.

3.  Wake up to the miracles all around you.  Whether you realize it or not, you are part of an extraordinary universe.  Spectacular, mind-boggling things are happening every second.  For instance, you breathe, your heart beats and you digest food all without any conscious effort.  Tulips know when to pop up through the ground at precisely the right time each and every year.  The earth rotates. . . the sun rises and sets. . . the seasons change.  All part of a wondrous, never-ending cycle.  So, shake your ho-hum attitude and begin to appreciate the amazing intelligence guiding the universe!

4.  Be open to the idea that everything happens for a reason.  If you doubt this principal, speak to people who, in your view, are positive and successful and who also seem to have peace of mind.  Ask them if they believe that everything happens for a reason.  Then, ask those who answer with an enthusiastic “YES” to explain why they feel that way.

5.  Extend yourself to others.  We tend to get mired in our own problems, turning inward and growing depressed and frustrated.  Finding ways to serve and help others will make you feel better and broaden your understanding about the interconnectedness of all human beings.  Even something as simple as offering a few encouraging words to someone else can make a world of difference–to them and to you.

6.  Interact on a regular basis with those facing serious challenges.  For example, volunteer each week in a local hospital  and spend time with those who are ill.  Or, donate your time serving meals in a soup kitchen.  In either case, you’ll be helping others while at the same time learning just how well off you are!

7.  Redirect your focus to the many blessings in your life.  Are you in reasonably good health?  Do you have your eyesight and mobility?  Is there a roof over your head and enough food in the refrigerator?  There are many people who do not enjoy these gifts and who would gladly trade places with you.  So, focus on the many things for which you are grateful.  To reinforce this idea, take the back of an index card and write “Count Your Blessings,” or “I have so much to be grateful for.”  Place the card where you’ll frequently see it, such as on your desk, in your car or on the bathroom mirror.

8.  Be around people who have a healthy outlook.  We are influenced by the company we keep.  Therefore, try to spend more time with people–be they friends, relatives, or co-workers–who seem to put things in perspective.  These individuals rarely complain, can easily distinguish between what’s important and what’s not, and are a joy to be around.

9.  View every problem as an opportunity for growth.  Too often, we see our difficulties as negative experiences which are there to punish us and cause pain.  As you look back on your life, you’ll find that many problems and painful situations led to personal growth and improved conditions.  Maybe you lost a job which in turn led you to a better position.  Or a relationship ended but you wound up in a more fulfilling one.  So, develop a strong belief that the “bad” experience is there to help you in some way.  Don’t curse your challenge; instead, look for the lessons or opportunities which your problems are showing you.

10.  Watch your mouth!  Do you frequently whine and complain. . . or broadcast your ailments and minor irritations to everyone who crosses your path?  Griping reinforces your problems, makes you feel more miserable and alienates others.  Find something positive in your life–or in the other person’s life–to talk about instead.

11.  Cultivate your spiritual connection.  I have found that the vast majority of people with healthy perspectives possess strong spiritual beliefs.  Without belief in a Higher Power, much of life appears cruel and without purpose.  As you tune into your spiritual nature, you gain a sense of purpose, receive more intuitive guidance and are able to see the reasons behind the patterns in your life.  Each of us, at the core, yearns to develop a connection with out Higher Power.  It gives us security, confidence, and peace of mind.

12.  Every day, read literature which expands your perspective.  It might be a spiritual book, like the Bible, or stories of people who have overcome tremendous obstacles.  Keep reading whatever builds faith, love, and strength for you.  The key is daily repetition.

13.  Put yourself in physical surroundings where you can “get away” from everyday stress.  Changing your environment can give you a fresh, relaxed point of view.  Maybe you like to sit on the beach or take a walk in the woods.  Find scenery which allows you to release tension and think creatively. . . and go there as much as possible.

14.  Exercise.  Aside from the physical benefits to our bodies, exercise provides release from stress and clears our thinking.  I’m amazed at those who say, “I don’t have time to work out.”  That’s like saying, “I don’t have time to be healthy!”  After a tough day, exercise does wonders to get your mind off your problems and makes you that much more able to handle stress as it occurs thereafter.  So put exercise on your schedule today!

15.  Lighten up and laugh.  We take ourselves and our activities far too seriously.  Find the humor in everyday situations and, most importantly, be willing to laugh at yourself.  The very act of smiling and laughing makes us feel better physically and reduces tension.

16.  Simplify your life and restore balance.  Easy to say, but not so easy to implement.  Sometimes, we get overextended, taking on too many responsibilities or projects.  We ignore loved ones and even our own health.  So, maybe it’s time to say “NO” to the next project or demand on your time.  Which is really more important–another volunteer committee assignment or spending time with your children?

As you gain perspective, you’ll find that your list of what is truly important will continue to narrow.  In the meantime, bear in mind that perspective is not a destination which you arrive at and master.  It is a fluid concept.  As we mature, we tend to develop a broader outlook; yet there will be times when we become preoccupied with our difficulties and fail to see the larger issues.  Therefore, we must constantly work at it.

Yes, maintaining perspective requires discipline.  But the benefits–less tension, increased self-awareness, greater peace of mind, and more–are well worth the effort!

Jeff Keller is a motivational speaker and writer who maintains his own website at–drop by and visit him!




Take Action and overcome your fears

An Email received and shared from my Entrepreneurial Coach J.T. DeBolt
Please visit his website

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’
MOBE Partner

From J.T. DeBolt
” The most dangerous obstacles in life are the
ones you don’t see…and last week, on one of my
podcast episodes, I divulged what I call “The Silent Assassins
of Success”.
I shared only four of them, but they are enough
to get your head on a swivel and your feet in motion.

These are the obstacles that cut people off at the knees on
their way to success. 

Here are the 4 Assassins…read and heed:

Assassin #1: Comparing yourself to others.

This is typical of people starting out on the journey to
their own success, but seasoned achievers are susceptible, too.
It’s a byproduct of insecurity and fear, and it always leads to
disaster when it come to getting results. The only person you
should ever compare yourself to is the good-looking specimen
staring you back in the mirror as you brush your teeth everyday.
They’ve been with you from the beginning, and will be with you
until your last breath.

They’re your only competition.

Assassin #2: Making excuses.
No question, this one holds every single person back from
hitting their next level of potential.

Period. Whatever you are striving to accomplish right now, whatever
level of performance you’re at right now, chances are, you’ve sold yourself
on a fantastic excuse as to why you are where you are in life.

And if you’re stuck, you’ve hypnotized yourself into staying stuck.

“Don’t have the money…” is classic. It typically means your dreams
have exceeded your financial comfort zone.
“Don’t have the time..” typically means you have yet to hit the point
where your dream is a big enough priority to commit to it fully.

There’s a host of others, but you get the idea.

Assassin #3: Indecision.
The mark of a true leader is the ability to make decisions and stick to them. When you waffle, you leave people hanging; you lose time, money, assets
and most importantly, the confidence of others in you.

The key is to get proficient at making decisions quickly, and changing
your mind slowly.

Just remember that in business and life, there are only two options:
YES and NO; Maybes are dream-killers.

Assassin #4: Bowing down to fear.
This one goes hand-in-hand with the first three. And it happens to
way too many good, smart, otherwise-qualified-for-success people.
Bowing to fear isn’t always disgusting and shameful.

Sometimes it looks like a hard-fought battle that has ended in
exhaustion and defeat. Sometimes it looks like apathy.

Or surrender.

Only you can decide if, when and where you are bowing to defeat.
The only thing that truly matters is that you address it and move on.

And the best antidote to fear is ACTION. Massive. Purposeful.

Here’s the deal: you are likely dealing with
one of these. Or all four. Or more…but either way,
you need a plan to conquer them.

So, what’s your plan? And more importantly, how can you prevent
them from continuing their onslaught against your heard-earned success
in the future?

Most people set goals and hope for the best. But goal-setting sucks…
and hope is a terrible strategy. Instead, get a battle-tested strategy for
success in business and life.
Grab the audio version of my award-winning book, Flight Plan To Success right now, right here:

That way you and I can hang out, with me speaking directly to you, anytime…anywhere.

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

JT DeBolt is a former US Navy pilot and naval officer. He spent over 12 years on active duty—working his way up from enlisted aircraft mechanic with Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 131 to combat-decorated Naval Aviator with Patrol Squadron 1 and Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, California. JT completed his service in 2008 and began an entrepreneurial career with his wife, Mia. He is the CEO of Mach I Strategies and Consulting.

While flying was a lifelong dream, JT found the most rewarding aspect of military service to be the leadership lessons learned while serving with tremendous people, both as an enlisted sailor and naval officer. Today he shares those lessons with others.

As a dynamic motivational speaker, JT focuses on practical ways employees, team members and entrepreneurs can motivate each other to take a company to success far exceeding what they thought possible.

JT leans on his leadership training and aviation background to lead and inspire fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their maximum potential in business and in life. Through the culmination of real-life lessons and practical military flight experience, JT empowers people to pursue and achieve their dreams, while creating a vision and a life by their design.

A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder, JT loves skiing, mountain biking, hiking and camping with his family. He is an ardent, lifelong fan of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and lives in Boise, Idaho with his amazing wife, Mia, and their awesome children, Callie and Maximus.

The art of Imagination begins with the innocence of youth

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein


As children,  part of the magic of growing is to use our imagination to expand our world into a magical place of endless possibilities. Then as we grow Society often curbs these dreams so that we conform to apparent normality.

I for one have never been comfortable in conforming to this ‘normality’ and have always thought outside the proverbial square. Just because ‘it‘ is done in a particular way does not mean ‘it‘ should always be so! Who decided that ‘it’ should be a particular way in the first place?

If it wasn’t for the determined spirit of the free thinkers and inventors of the past, we would still be hunters and gatherers….. maybe not a bad thing in some respects…. yet through the imaginations of a few imaginative and creative souls comes the lifestyle that we all take for granted today.

Do not let Society stop you from expressing your creative mind in a peaceful and positive way nor let it hinder you in speaking up creatively and productively for any injustice that holds your passion.Use your imagination to create a better environment for your family, for your Community and for the Universe, the latter in which we share an abundance of amazing interactive energy with. The Universe is quintessentially Imagination personified… so marvel at what is and could be out there….USE YOUR IMAGINATION 🙂

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’

The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Muhammad Ali

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Ward

” I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.

Dr. Seuss

” Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso

Have you reached your goal ? Are you at least reaching for it? If not why not?

Have you reached your goal ?
So what do you want from your life? What is it that is holding you back? Why are you blaming others or blaming your perceived circumstances or events of the past for not taking positive action in your life?

Why don’t you simply just take the first step and do it? Do it now!!! Why not??……….just asking 🙂

I think we have all been here at one time or another. I have heard many espouse this attitude of late and therefore sounding so negative and indecisive about their life and their current circumstances. So I challenge you, as indeed I have challenged my self and others in the past, to be proactive and not reactive in your own lives. Take charge of your own destiny. You have a choice…you always have a choice…. If you put in the effort with sincerity and passion you WILL be rewarded!

“Blame and resentment does not serve anyone positively. One must learn to release these to move on and create the life they truly deserveTeresa Collins

As my good friend Teresa quite rightly says “One must learn to release these to move on and create the life they truly deserve“. We must move forward and look ‘onwards and upwards’. The latter is what I used to say to all my staff…..‘Onwards and Upwards‘ and whilst there was some light mocking  with this saying and it being associated with me, I knew that the message was getting through to them 🙂 Imitation is the greatest form of flattery after all!!

So learn from the past and do not dwell on it. Life is a series of lessons and it will always be. I have taken charge of my life and whilst I have learnt many lessons and continue to learn lessons AND yes, I have learnt some rather ‘tough’ lessons too along the way, I hope that I am now wiser for the experience!! I do believe that I am and it is why I can say what I am saying to you now through my own experience of being in the position of where you may be now……. ‘stagnating’ at this point in your life…… going around in a circle.
Is this you?

Then I extend my arm of hope and friendship for you to take a firm hold of and to remove yourself from the bog of self pity…. The choice is yours….. You can continue to wallow and eventually sink into a life of mediocrity OR hold your head high and take the first step and leave it all behind you. It is your life so TAKE CHARGE!!!

‘Oh, do what you want to do …be what you wanna be yeah!!!
Lyrics from “Because I love you- The Masters Apprentices” (listen here)  This particular line is from one of my favourite songs of my teenage years and surfaced from my subconscious as I wrote the above paragraph ( but a very pleasant memory of my past) and is quite pertinent to what I am writing here. Actually the lyrics of this particular song has numerous meanings to us all yet perhaps the subject of another blog! 🙂

So my challenge to you is to decide here and now to take a step forward towards achieving the life you wish.  The choice is yours….. go on , I dare you, 🙂

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Goals’

Shine Your Light

“…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


This passage is commonly mis-attributed to Nelson Mandela’s 1994 Inaugural Address.

It actually comes from the book ‘A Return To Love’ (1992) by Marianne Williamson.

“Several years ago, this paragraph from A RETURN TO LOVE began popping up everywhere, attributed to Nelson Mandela’s l994 Inaugural Address. As honored as I would be had President Mandela quoted my words, indeed he did not. I have no idea where that story came from, but I am gratified that the paragraph has come to mean so much to so many people……. Marianne Williamson

“Go forth and ‘Shine Your Light’ and bring joy and inspiration to others”…
Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’

What is my new online business I hear you ask?

Hello my friends,
I thought in today’s post I would share with you all a quick summary of what my business is all about as many of you have been asking. Should you have any questions then please ask.

Michael Thornley (MOBE Partner)

My Online Business Empire”- My Online Business Empire (MOBE) is a marketing education platform and business opportunity.

What Is My Online Business Empire (MOBE)?

Very simply My Online Business Empire also known as MOBE is a marketing education company which sells a variety of informational products ranging from $9 all the way up to $30,000.

What sets My Online Business Empire apart from other companies in this industry is it’s focus on COACHING. Although you will receive mentorship and guidance from your sponsor, you will be assigned a 6 – 7 figure business coach to aid your understanding of the content taught in My Online Business Empire, help you put a business plan together and keep you on track.

When you join My Online Business Empire you will also have the option to become a regular affiliate (free to join) where you will earn 50% commissions on all low end products (under $500) but no commissions on the higher end products.

Those wishing to earn commissions on all products, including the ability to have the phone sales team close big deals for you and send you $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions, will need to upgrade their affiliate membership.

The great thing about high ticket sales is it’s just as easy to sell high ticket as it is to sell low ticket, you just target a different demographic of people.

So what separates My Online Business Empire from the competition? What are it’s biggest benefits?

  • You will get personal one-on-one coaching from business coaches who make 6 figures plus.
  • You get a dedicated phone sales team ready to close $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 sales for you.
  • It’s informational products will show you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step to build your business and produce results.
  • You get access to a fully automated sales funnel where you drive traffic and everything else is handled for you.
  • When you sell 5 MOBE licenses a month you get a Mercedes paid for YOU!

What Products Does My Online Business Empire Sell?

My Online Business Empire has a variety of products which it sells but unlike a lot of other business opportunities MOBE focuses the majority of its upper level products, not around force feeding more information you don’t need down your throat but on live events held in tropical locations around the world like Fiji, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Cabo.

MOBE’s products can be broken down as follows:

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
  • MLR (MOBE Licensing Rights)
  • Titanium Mastermind
  • Platinum Mastermind and much much more. Please contact me for more information on how you can start with MOBE.Michael Thornley- MOBE Partner 🙂

9 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

We are all living in a time where it is becoming increasingly ‘normal’ for people to embrace their spiritual sides. Even people that said they could never embrace such a thing are finding themselves open to the concept of their own spirituality. Such as finding their life’s purpose and trusting in their own intuition. They are more balanced with their masculine and feminine sides that we ALL possess!

As many of you know I have been on such a journey for the last 15 years and my own ‘Spiritual Awakening’ of late is the result of this journey.  Our faith, our ideals are our own and I just share with you here some of my thoughts around this. We simply need to be open to hearing others points of view and I invite you to take a few minutes to contemplate the following. Indeed many of you will resonate with this and are on your own journey.

Although we live in a world where science, logic and rationality are revered, many people are left questioning the way we are told to live our life. Is not Science the new ‘dogma? No matter how hard they try to avoid it, the question remains that there must be more to life, to the Universe than what we are told.

More and more people are awakening spiritually. The popularity of the “The Secret” just goes to show that the world was ready to embrace Universal laws and many have been left seeking more answers.

Spiritual emergence or ascension’ is subtle by nature, subtle energy shifts which raise your vibration with huge physical impacts. It is also a personal journey that differs from person to person. Here are 10 signs of ascension symptoms I discovered during my spiritually awakening:”

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

1. Your sleep patterns change
Get used to it as your body will adjust over time.

2. Activity at the Crown of your head changes
Tinkling, itching sensations running over your scalp. Feeling like someone is applying pressure to the top of your head. This is the Crown Chakra opening. You are receiving divine energy/inspirations through the crown of the head.

3. Waves of Emotion
Crying, sad, angry for seemingly no reason. This is a release of the blocked emotions and can come from the heart Chakra. Acknowledge and release these blocks as they arise. You are clearing old stuff from your past.

4. Old issues keep coming back
Old issues keep coming back and you feel lost. the secret is not to over analize the issues as they come to you. Just face up to it then release it. This is all part of the cleansing and you will find your way forward from this… are never lost!

5. Your body changes
Don’t panic if you lose weight or put it on as your body and spirit is changing. In time this will settle down when old issues are dealt with. Your vibration is rising as you surrender.

6. Your senses have increased sensitivity
You may hear your name called, voices and sounds. You could also see sparkles of light, shadows, lights, movement, auras around some objects.

Your 5 senses are being fine tuned and the 6th sense is opening up. the lights, shadows and voices are those of your spirit and your guides. But remember, you are always in charge. Be grateful for this guidance but you make your own choices, use your intuition.

7. You begin to view the World in a different way
Be compassionate and loving to all living things. Go forth with this feeling and embrace it, share it, live it.

8. You desire to break free from old habits and restrictive patterns.
So just do it! Rid yourself of the old and embrace to new! Set yourself free and trust in love!

9. Synchronicity increases
Synchronistic events flow as you are being shown you are on the right path. Number sequences, meetings, pictures, visions flow in your direction. These ‘coincidences’ have great meaning and tie in with your thoughts.

I have personally experienced all of these as have others and it is heart warming to know others have and are traveling a similar road.

Please visit my video channel for more Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Michael Thornley
‘ Achieve your dreams’


We Are Not Broken, We Are Not Flawed with Trish Rock

We Are Not Broken, We Are Not Flawed.

GUEST BLOG with Trish Rock

Imagine this…

A new born baby, in all its miraculous perfection. You look at this beautiful baby and all you feel is love. A glow of new energy emanates from this child and you cannot tear your eyes away from the magnificence you see before you.

Broken? Flawed?

I think not!

And even if the baby is born with some disability or problem, we still see this little baby as a perfect human being and can feel the magnificent love flowing.

So why is it, that although we all begin this human life so beautifully, knowing we are whole, perfect and complete, that we can become so mislead and unloving about ourselves, who we are and what we deserve in this life?

For many of us humans, when we get to a certain age, we start to wonder about life, who we really are and we end up on a path, or journey, BACK to the remembrance of who we really DO KNOW we are, like we did when we were a baby and infant.

We peel back the layers, explore the inner depths of us, investigate and identify all the stories we have about ourselves and basically just keep peeling the onion.

Here is what I discovered a few years ago…….… Read more here.

Trish Rock – Manifest For Life

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