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Digital Information Products are the go and are Our Future! Don’t get left behind…..

Digital Information Products are the go and are Our Future! Don’t get left behind….. 

Today’s post was inspired by a message from one of my Mentors
Matt Lloyd, CEO of MOBE (My Online Business Education). 

Now I am a Titanium Business Consultant for MOBE. Yet the purpose of my blog today is to share with you the mindset and apparent reluctance exhibited by some people when it comes to purchasing or trusting in digital information products. 

My business structure is based on digital information products. These include my published Amazon Kindle Books and my Business Education material with over 100 courses and resources available to you through my partnership with MOBE.

” As someone who markets digital information online, you will from time to time meet people who ridicule the idea of paying money in exchange for something they can’t hold in their hand.

Such people don’t understand the potential value of ideas—information you can use to do things, including making money.” Matt Lloyd

This does apply in some cases and in particular to those of an ‘maturing ‘ age   The younger ones have mostly accepted that we are already well and truly in the ‘Information Age’ (and yes, many of us older ones like me have also! )

” The kind of person who argues that buying digital information is essentially buying nothing (because you can’t hold it in your hand) is the same kind of person who would rather hold on to his $100 and suffer in freezing temperatures—perhaps become ill or even die—because it doesn’t buy him something he can hold in his hand.”

Indeed…. and perhaps they will never change. Yet let us look at just some examples of where one pays for ‘Information’ and I share the following from Matt Lloyd with you here:

” Digital information and downloads are the most modern method for doing something we’ve been doing for centuries: paying people for their knowledge and experience. Here are a few examples of that:

  • Education. You can pay five or six figures for a college education. You aren’t paying all that cash just for that piece of paper you get at the end, are you?
  • Lawyers. It can be quite costly to hire a lawyer to handle your will, divorce, incorporation, or to defend you in a legal matter. What do you carry out of their office in exchange?
  • Consultants. You hire them to advise you on how to expand your business or how to redecorate your home. Even a personal trainer is a consultant for your physical improvement. What do you take delivery of after you pay them?
  • Tax preparers. Unless you truly love to do your own taxes, most of us are more than grateful to be able to pay an expert to do it for us and, with electronic filing, walk out their office completely “empty-handed.”
  • Plumbers, mechanics. They often give you the benefit of their knowledge, even if they don’t have to replace parts.
  • Movies, concerts, sporting events. You buy a ticket and attend the show or event and all you get for the price of your ticket is an experience—nothing you can put in your hand or your pocket (except the actual ticket).”

Digital Products offer so much more!

Therefore we have already been accustomed to this type of service only that now there is so much more that is being offered via the Internet the World over..

I know that from when I first discovered the Net that my knowledge and skills have been enhanced immensely. The people I have met ‘online’and continue to learn from in life, is totally amazing. AND I have grasped this opportunity with both hands and learnt what I can in order to continually improve upon my experiences and knowledge.

So if you have had some reluctance in expanding your horizons on the Net, then it is time to push out from your comfort zone as you are missing out on so much information and personal growth.  I am here to assist you and guide you. So please do not be afraid to ask for guidance

One last question for you…. Have you read my E-books listed on Amazon yet? Check them out HERE!

Michael E Thornley
Author & :Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Twists of Fate – A series of Short Stories by Michael E Thornley

Twists of Fate
A series of Short Stories by Michael E Thornley

Twists of Fate is a spellbinding collection of 5 short stories set in the land down-under by Australian Author Michael E Thornley. The decisions and consequent outcomes made by the individual characters gives credence to the saying ” You Reap what you Sow’.

However, the choices that we make in life may not necessarily provide us with the outcome we desire. Yet it may reward us with the future we deserve, whether we wish it or not!. So be careful what you wish for as it just may come true!

Written in the narrative style of the ‘Twilight Zone’ the Twists of Fate may not be what you expected. It certainly was not what the characters in the book expected!… that is part of the charm and enjoyment of this series of short stories by Michael E Thornley.

TWISTS OF FATE includes 5 Short Stories!

1. The Ultimate Collection
2. The Hunter
3. Nullarbor Dreaming
4. Age of Chivalry
5. The Compulsive Liar TWISTS OF FATE includes 5 Short Stories!

Quote from Twists of Fate – the ‘Age of Chivalry’
As she sprinted down the street, her high heals now swinging in her hand, as quite wisely she was not about to tempt fate any longer, she glanced down at her watch and with some relief, noticed that she still had two minutes to spare before the bus would arrive promptly as usual.

However as she rounded the corner, she saw the rear of the bus as it drove away proudly advertising her favourite breakfast spread Vegemite with that all too familiar logo ‘We’re happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be’…… “ I am NOT a Happy Little Vegemite” she mumbled angrily. The bus was early today of all days and, as if mocking her, backfired leaving a cloud of black sooty smoke which now rather insultingly, enveloped Mary completely.”


“Twists of Fate” is available NOW on as an Ebook (Kindle)
Amazon USA Link
Amazon Australia Link
Amazon UK Link

Michael E Thornley
Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur



Hope – Do not give up. Try One More Time

When the world says give up, hope whispers, try one more time ~ Unknown

Just think of the future… think of your dreams…….think beyond the trials and tribulations of the now! Whilst you are alive there is always hope to ‘live the dream’ and make it a reality and remember….there is always a solution to any problem. Only that sometimes you may have to delve a little deeper into your soul to retrieve the answer.

‘Be strong now as things will get better. It may be stormy now but it will not rain forever.’

Now I too have known sorrow and despair in my life and indeed most of us have or will in time. This is a natural part of the Circle of Life. Yet never forget that there are countless numbers of ‘brothers & sisters’ of humanity experiencing a depth of despair far greater than you or I could ever imagine. And yet they survive through having Hope.

Hope that their circumstances will improve.
Hope that their basic needs of food, water and shelter will materialise.
Hope that their loved ones will regain their health.

Where there is Love there is Hope

Our needs and desires are all relative. However we all possess the ability to promote Hope in our lives. There is always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and whilst you may see your life at present deep within the depths of a dark and damp tunnel remember this! The very nature of a tunnel is that there is an entry and an exit point and the light DOES exist at the end of this tunnel. It is up to you as to whether you take Hope by the arm and continue together along that tunnel to the light.

“Hope is not mere wishful thinking. It is the precursor of a new dawn that slowly, steadily and unerringly comes to the fore and eventually grows into reality’s existence.”  ~ Sri Chinmoy

Michael E Thornley
Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur 

Who do you think you are? Looking into your Family History

Who do you think you are?

” Who Do You Think You Are? is a British genealogy documentary series that has aired on the BBC since 2004. In each episode, a celebrity traces their family tree with the assistance of Ancestry dot com. It has since been franchised and adapted in 10 different countries around the world including the USA and Australia.”

Recently I have been viewing a number of episodes of  ‘Who do you think you are ‘ on Youtube. And over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this program and sharing in the journeys of the various celebrities that have agreed to look into their family origins with the help of Ancestry dot com and the BBC, NBC or SBS . As you will see, celebrity or not, their reaction is no different to those experienced by my own clients or indeed myself when doing Genealogical research with Thornley Genealogical Services! And you too will find that all of your emotions will be impacted as you share in a tear or a smile with them…

Comedian Billy Connolly discovers that he is more than a working class Glaswegian, a Scot with Irish Immigrants in the family… he actually discovers a link to generations of his family living in India and more! 

When you are conducting research into your own families origins, your inquisitiveness will be further tantalised as you move back through the generations.  I have been conducting my own family research for over 35 years now and my own family tree has 16,000 + individuals whom are all related to me by blood or marriage.

An important thing to remember is to be open to the information that you will receive about the past. In watching  just some of the ‘Who do you think you are‘ episodes you will see that in all cases they are humbled by events of the past and the lives that their forebears had to endure.

Additionally, we can not and should not judge our forebears on today’s values. The majority of them lived at a time which was very different to today’s way of life…. even 50 years ago…. and much of what we take for granted now, in such a materialistic society, could never have been imagined back then.

The world’s first ‘Super Model’ Twiggy finds a ‘criminal’ element in her forebears. Yet when the circumstances are looked at in their entirety, a sad story of survival emerges.

Featured Celebrities-
UK Billy Connolly, Twiggy, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Irons, Joh Hurt & MORE
Lisa Cudrow, Lionel Ritchie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Hunt & MORE
Sigrid Thornton, Jack Thompson, John Wood, Geoffrey Rush & MORE

Find Out More!

Many people that have researched their family tree say that they feel fulfilled and have a greater sense of ‘belonging’. Family, Nationality, Ethnicity along with Humility and Understanding all play their part in growing your Family Tree.

So I encourage you to sit back and enjoy this fascinating series. And at the same time, contemplate looking back into your own origins……. I can help you with that! 🙂

Michael E Thornley
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My guide to family research is available on Amazon in Kindle Form

Rumi – Poet and Scholar

Rumi Quotes
The Love and Wisdom of Rumi, Persian Poet & Scholar

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī and more popularly simply as Rumiwas a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic. 

His work transcends location, ethnicities, time, language and spirituality and has millions of followers the world over.

Rumi quotes
Some of his Love and Wisdom quotes:-

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”

“That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.”

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder”

“What you seek is seeking you.”

As an admirer and ‘student’ of Rumi’s work, I am proud and humbled to be sharing his wisdom with my own photographs. (You are welcome to share them provided they are in their original and complete form)
Michael E Thornley 

Rumi Quotes In Pictures

Permission is granted to share the photographs in their entirety which includes reference to our website  OR

We make no claim to the rights of the quotes as Rumi belongs to the world at large. Our purpose here is to share his wisdom and to honour his work.

( The above photographs remain the property of the Michael Thornley Organisation. These photographs were personally photographed by Michael E Thornley.)

Discover Your Family Origins – Thornley Genealogical Services

Grow your Family Tree

Discover Your Family Origins

What is Genealogy?

  • the study of family history

  • the history of a particular family showing how the different members of the family are related to each other

  • Also known as Family Tree Research: finding one’s family origins.

Have you ever wondered about your origins? ……Are there stories handed down through the generations that you would love to solve?….. Wondering how and where to start?

Then why not utilise the experience of Thornley Genealogical Services to get you started or indeed contract them to do it for you. Either way, you will share in the journey of discovery along the way!

Michael Thornley
  has over 35 years experience in researching both his own and others family origins. He has collected 15,000 + family members on his ‘family tree’ whom he affectionately calls his cousins and indeed they are as they all share a common ancestor with him.

He has also written a book on the basics of getting started  “Who is in your Family Tree’

‘Who is in Your Family Tree?… Where to Begin Your Research’ by Michael Thornley

Who is in Your Family Tree is a guide for the budding Family Tree Researcher or Genealogists as they are also known as… there we are, learning something already and you haven’t even read the book yet!

Michael E Thornley is not only an Author and Entrepreneur but in addition successfully runs ‘Thornley Genealogical Services’ as one of his businesses. “A man that wears many hats at once” he is sometimes heard to say. But he does this most successfully!

This book is a guide to the basics of ‘how to get started’ in researching your family tree. He has often been asked “ well I have seen all these links on the Internet about where to do the research BUT HOW do I get started??

Thus Michael has put together a straight forward guide to answer some of the more common questions that are asked. He has also shared tips on what to expect when you start asking family and friends about ‘what they know’ in relation to ‘my family’. You may be surprised at some of the reactions!

To visit Michael Thornley’s Authors page on Amazon CLICK HERE

Family Tree

Therefore, Michael has also provided you with guidance on how to get started on your own research if you have the time to devote to this most worthy adventure into your families history. Or perhaps you wish for Thornley Genealogical Services to do the ground work and delight you with a myriad of surprises as they present to you the results of their research.
Either way, get started on your Family Tree today!


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