7 Keys to Step out of your Way and Step into your Power

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From time to time I will be forwarding to you what I consider to be useful information that relates to  ‘Achieving your Dreams’.

There are many people in cyberspace that are offering solutions to life including some fine individuals that truly make sense and have much knowledge and wisdom to share.  I subscribe to whom I think is worthy, sincere and who appears to have some life experience …… like me :)…… and not simply information copied and pasted from some text book!

For those that don’t know, many now provide a FREE e-book in PDF format that is easy to download and read and in most cases it is available to save to the hard-drive on your computer. You can certainly build up a great resource library this way and thus refer to it  anytime you wish. I have done just that and my own library grows daily along with the  Kindle books I have purchased by some of my Mentors and guides that are available via my  Amazon store!

And remember, once the resource is received you can always unsubscribe from the individuals future Emails. … the proverbial ball is in your court, you are at the wheel of your future so make it happen!

Hers is a link to one such individual Kristen Owens, Author, Speaker, Coach and
Holistic Nutritionist http://kristenowenscoaching.com/

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve your Dreams’



Dear friend,

Do you ever feel like maintaining a success mindset can be a full time job?  You get started, make that decision that you are going to get off the stink ‘in think ‘in boat and you’re doing pretty good until you find yourself opening an unexpected bill, or that business deal didn’t go through and then the mindset “stuff” goes out the window.  You find yourself following your circumstances instead of staying firm on your vision.
You have great intentions of following through on your goal, staying focused on one task instead of 5, eating healthy, and you can fill in the rest.  The problem?  Your mindset gets in the way and it takes you out of the game…. focus?  Well, what’s that again!?
After much frustration, a ton of taking myself out of the game, not trusting my intuition and trying to work on more than one thing at a time in my business I was in the same place month after month, year after year.  This was true until I discovered the keys that took me from struggle to victory.
If you are:
  • So done with struggling to stay laser focused to achieve your goals
  • Frustrated to see other people maintaining a success mindset and can’t figure out why you can’t
  • So done with the feast & famine train
  • Fed-up with your circumstances dictating your mindset
 I have some good news for you. I’m going to show you how it can be different. I’d like to invite you to my complimentary training.
Here’s to YOUR success mindset,

Kristen Owens

Author, Speaker, Coach
Holistic Nutritionist


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