Achieving your goals…. never say never

I am one that has always dreamed and planned about gaining life experiences and in doing so found ways to achieve these goals. And whilst. in most cases, the journey or the plan if you like may not have been as I had forseen or indeed preferred, the basic goal remained the same and was achieved through an evolving process.

If you have a passion whether it be for an adventure, a lifestyle, a career or are passionate about an issue or a cause, then pursue it to the enth degree. Find ways to make it happen as there are ALWAYS ways to achieve your goals. Now of course I do not advocate committing illegal or immoral acts here to achieve these goals …that goes without saying….. just simply utilise all avenues that are available to you and never, ever give up!

Expect that there will be hurdles, steep learning curves, even disappointments along the way… and if plan A does not work then go onto plan B. Then, if you have reached plan Z in the Roman alphabet without achieving your goal, commence with  the Greek alphabet! 😉 Never, ever give up if you are truly passionate about your goal and never, ever blame others for not reaching your goals. Find ways to overcome these obstacles and I can assure you that no matter how hard the journey has been for you, the ‘sweet smell of success’ in reaching your goal will fill your heart with pride and self fulfillment that dare I say can be almost orgasmic in satisfaction! 😉 Metaphorically speaking of course!!!

Michael Thornley
‘ Achieve your dreams’


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