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Michael E Thornley

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‘Four Pillars of a Good Life’
Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness-


‘Rumi – Love & Wisdom’
Rumi Quotes in Words & Photographs

‘Twists of Fate’
A spellbinding collection of 5 short stories 


Twists-of-Fate Michael-E-Thornley

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 ‘A Day in the Life’
A unique look at just some of the adventures that Australian Author Michael E Thornley has experienced over the last five years.

Humour Diary Michael-Thornley

‘Dating on a Budget’

A humorous yet informative guide to those readying themselves for a journey into the world of dating.

Dating-on-a-Budget Living-and-Loving-on-a-Shoestring


‘Who is in Your Family Tree’

is a guide for the budding Family Tree Researcher

Kindle Thornley-genealogical-services


‘Being a Gentleman’

 Has the attribute of ‘Being a Gentleman’ and thus the Art of being Chivalrous been lost in a modern world? What have been the catalysts that have led to an ever changing role for men?

Being-a-Gentleman Michael-Thornley

‘Self Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing’

is one writer’s journey from inspiration to planning and from writing to publishing.

Self Publishing Kindle



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