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‘Four Pillars of a Good Life’
Health Wealth Love & Happiness

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‘Rumi – Love & Wisdom’
Rumi Quotes in Words & Photographs

‘Twists of Fate’- published March 2016

Twists-of-Fate Michael-E-Thornley

Author of “Twists of Fate” is available NOW on as an Ebook (Kindle)
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Twists of Fate is a spellbinding collection of 5 short stories set in the land down-under by Australian Author Michael E Thornley. The decisions and consequent outcomes made by the individual characters gives credence to the saying ” You Reap what you Sow’.

However, the choices that we make in life may not necessarily provide us with the outcome we desire. Yet it may reward us with the future we deserve, whether we wish it or not!. So be careful what you wish for as it just may come true!

Written in the narrative style of the ‘Twilight Zone’ the ‘Twists of Fate’ may not be what you expected. It certainly was not what the characters in the book expected!… that is part of the charm and enjoyment of this series of short stories by Author Michael E Thornley.

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 ” A Day in the Life”-
published March 2016

Humour Diary Michael-Thornley

“A Day in the Life” is available NOW on as an Ebook (Kindle)
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– Amazon Australia Link
or Amazon UK Link

‘A Day in he Life’ is a unique look at just some of the adventures that Australian Author Michael E Thornley has experienced over the last five years.

During that time he has traveled from Australia to Bali, Dubai, Spain, Canada and the USA, the latter where he lived for a year.

We share many of the humorous outcomes as he ventures out into the unknown on his daily walks! Well that is the unknown suburban streets and parks of cities around the world. Yet only he could have an adventure in such a situation what with bowling maidens over; being serenaded by turkeys and falling into large holes and having to be pulled out by his feet!

Michael is also in tune with nature as we find him trekking through woods to the Gates of Terror; chasing skunks over wetlands in the moonlight and having visitations from white coyotes and shovel nose rays.

Yet he also shares with us his inner most thoughts and emotions that are felt in some of the more serious moments. Hence it truly is a ‘Diary of Humour and Emotions.’

‘Dating on a Budget’

Dating-on-a-Budget Living-and-Loving-on-a-Shoestring

‘Dating on a Budget’ is Available NOW at Amazon Dot Com!

A humorous yet informative guide to those readying themselves for a journey into the world of dating. It also provides thought provoking ideas for couples looking to bring fun and frivolity back into their relationships.

There are practical solutions, numerous cost saving measures and handy tips for those on a limited budget. A lighthearted yet sincere look into world of dating.

‘Who is in Your Family Tree’

Kindle Thornley-genealogical-services

Who is in Your Family Tree is a guide for the budding Family Tree Researcher or Genealogists as they are also known as… there we are, learning something already and you haven’t even read the book yet!

Michael E Thornley is not only an Author and Entrepreneur but in addition successfully runs ‘Thornley Genealogical Services’ as one of his businesses.

‘Being a Gentleman’

Being-a-Gentleman Michael-Thornley

Being a Gentleman- the Lost art of being Chivalrous

” Has the attribute of ‘Being a Gentleman’ and thus the Art of being Chivalrous been lost in a modern world? What have been the catalysts that have led to an ever changing role for men?
This is the question that Australian Author Michael E Thornley raises and discusses in this guide to ‘Being a Gentleman’.

‘Self Publishing with Kindle direct Publishing’

Self Publishing Kindle

This book ‘Self Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)’ is one writer’s journey from inspiration to planning and from writing to publishing.

Michael E Thornley shares with us the experiences gained from being a successful Indie Author. A voyage of discovery emanating from the seed of an idea to the creation of an e-book ready for publication.

AND Available Soon on Amazon Dot Com in Kindle form.



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