The Thornley Wildlife Foundation (TWF)

Thornley Wildlife Foundation   The Thornley Wildlife Foundation is an information platform for endangered species. It was founded by Michael E .Thornley – Author, Entrepreneur & Naturalist in 2016. Conservation of endangered species through a combination of environmental protection & education; habitat repair & rewilding efforts and breeding programs conducted by reputable zoos, is wholeheartedly supported by the TWF. Saving […]

Rewilding – restoring and protecting Mother Nature

Rewilding – restoring and protecting Mother Nature ‘Rewilding is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas, providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.” Rewilding is all about… Habitats expanding instead of shrinking Wildlife multiplying instead of disappearing People reconnecting with the wonder […]

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Greetings 🙂 Today i wanted to share with you just some of the Community Engagement that we are involved in. In addition to the below organisations I personally assist Night Eyes Water & Landcare Inc. So what do you do in your community? Michael Thornley Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur & World Traveller <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The […]