REAP- Rural Education Assistance Project

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The Rural Education Assistance Project (REAP) strives to support the education of schools and children in deprived communities to promote literacy.

REAP was founded by Humanitarian and Teacher Solomon Kwabena Gyimah
” There are many innocent people suffering in the slums. Feeding and clothing is a problem not to talk of good health. …………… FEED, CLOTHE, and CARE for them. They deserve our attention, love and care for them to regain their lost joy, hope and happiness.” …. Solomon


Educate, Empower, Advocate.

“The best gift you can give a child is education. Education provides many of the impoverished children the opportunities in their life that they would not have otherwise had. ”

” The RURAL EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PROJECT (REAP) strives to better the lives of people in deprived communities and marginalized families with educational materials and other social aid”

If you wish to know more then visit REAP’ The Rural Education Assistance Project >>  HERE  <<

A GoFundMe Project has been set up by the Michael Thornley Organisation in conjunction with the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross



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