Sefwi Obeng- Mim community projects in Ghana

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The Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim
A traditional Kingdom of West Africa

(The Michael Thornley Organisation supports the concept and aims of the charitable works being conducted to provide a school, library, community hall and addressing health issues for the people of the Sefwi Obeng- Mim community)


This year’s Eluo (Yam Festival) began on Friday with Awareness Creation followed by a Clean -up exercise throughout OBENG-MIM Community. The day also embraced the Arrival of invited guest, families including locals and Natives living outside the community.
Saturday was truly Traditional. All forms of cultural display, dancing, dressing, druming and other tradional performances were showcased. Spiritually, the gods and the ancesters were fully remembered through the African libation. Great personalities who have shown faithfulness to high moral standards and rendered sacrificial services to the community were honored with Tradional tittles.
Sunday climaxed the week long festival. Kings, Chiefs, Queens and invited personalities took their turns to deliver speeches and words of wisdom and hope. Donations, presentations and gifts heightened the excitement and emotional feelings of the awardees. The colourful display by the Royal School Pupils with their teachers ignited the sense of togetherness as the community danced to the tunes and sounds of the traditional KETE drums.

In the end we say thank you to our distinguished and cherished global Representatives, supporters, donors and a very BIG THANK you to the newly installed NKOSUOHENEMAA OF SEFWI OBENG-MIM, Nana Akua Kra II (Ms. Tesha Alex Ann Francis of Hawaii, USA) for her commitment in serving humanity and for gracing this year’s festival.


Agyiri Clearance

Safe Water

Buruli Ulcer:
As you may be aware Ghana and Uganda are the two countries most impacted by this terrible disease that causes necrotic skin wasting, mostly in children. To this day the actual cause of this disease not known and the only treatment is antibiotics (if diagnosed very early) or surgical removal of the infected area.

The problem in Africa is that this is very rarely diagnosed early enough and the patient ends up having to have surgery which often removes a large area.

The aim of this project is to improve diagnosis in the field, better wound treatment and investigation and treatment of the point of infection.

To this end we will be coming to Ghana with the world experts in wound treatment from the Association for the Advancement of Woundcare in Boston, USA. We will also be bringing the latest technology in diagnosis including a newly designed camera that causes the infected areas to fluoresce in the pictures.

Additionally we hope to finally be able to pin down what is actually causing this terrible disease using a new portable DNA lab. As we have already managed to map the DNA of the bacteria that causes the disease we can now test almost anything (wounds, blood, soil, food, water, etc.) for presence of the bacteria within ninety minutes.

This will allow us to also target the root cause of the infections


(A Traditional Kingdom in the Western North Region)


  • The kingdom goes back in history to ancient times of Ghana.
  • The kingdom covers an area of 2,695 square miles crossed by the Tano and Bia rivers. That is approximately the size of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
  • The total population at the last census was 572,020.
  • There are five major towns including the capital of Sefwi Wiawso, home of the King’s Palace.
  • There are two colleges in the kingdom:
    • Wiawso College of Education
    • Asafo Health Care College
  • English and Akan Twi are the languages.
  • Sefwi is the agricultural powerhouse of Ghana and the area is known for export of cocoa, cassava and other agricultural products.
  • It is also home to natural resources such as gold, bauxite and timber.
  • With cocoa farming as a main occupation of the people, Sefwi produces two thirds of Ghana’s cocoa.
  • The Sefwi land is great for investment and development given that is blessed with almost all the natural resources of Ghana.

The Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim has a natural forest reserve with all kinds of animal species and wonderful unique weather conditions. We are the perfect place to go on camera safari in West Africa. There are numerous tourism possibilities besides safaris including many ancestral sites and our famous Yam Festival (Alluolue), held in November. We have the Tree of God (Nyame Dua), the Ancestral Hole (which has healing powers and the Abombirim Sacred Tortoise Forest. We welcome you to visit our beautiful land and help us to develop the land, build schools and clinics, increase tourism and meet our friendly Sefwi people.

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