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NovoNews | Материалды көшіріп бассаңыз https://qazaqtimes.com/en/article/42329 сайтының гиперсілтемесін міндетті түрде қойыңыз. Авторлық құқықты сақтаңыз.

Dimash sings like an Angel…. in my opinion the most talented singer in the world!

Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergen is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. ( KazakhstanCountry in Central Asia)

” Dimash was born on 24 May 1994 in Aktobe, to Kanat Kudaibergenuly Aitbayev (Kazakh: Қанат Құдайбергенұлы Айтбаев) and Svetlana Aitbayeva (Kazakh: Светлана Айтбаева).[17][18] His father Kanat Aitbayev previously led the regional Cultural Development Board of Aktobe.[19] His mother Svetlana Aitbayeva is a soprano singer at the Aktobe Philharmonic Society,[20] a Member of the Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Development (Deputy of Maslikhat of Aktobe region) and Artistic Director of the children’s studio Saz in the Aktobe region.[21] Both of Kudaibergen’s parents were awarded the title of Honored Music Artists by the Kazakh government.[18] Kudaibergen has a younger sister, Raushan, and a younger brother, Mansur.”
Quote: Wikipedia

He is university trained in classical as well as in contemporary music and is known for his wide vocal range of 6 octaves, from D2 to D8. (some claim 5 Octaves + 10 Semitones) This spans from the bottom of the bass range beyond the top of the soprano range.

I am an honoured member of the Dimash Kudaibergen International Fan club
a group of English speaking fans from around the world who appreciate the talents and heart of singer Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan. Our aim is to offer a place to discuss his performances and appearances with like-minded fans by sharing articles, memes, original art works, videos, and positive comments about Dimash as well as to fellow members of the group!