Thornley Wildlife Foundation (TWF)

The Thornley Wildlife Foundation (TWF) was created by Michael Thornley – Adventurer, Author and Naturalist in 2016. The Foundation is an education & information platform centred around conservation and the environment.

The TWF endorses and supports the following organisations:


The Objects and Purposes of TAGOA (Tas Inc) are to: 
a) promote and encourage research into the Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus);

b) provide education to the community regarding the Thylacine;

c) foster community awareness and appreciation of the natural fauna and flora of Australia.

d) promote responsible care of the native fauna and flora of Australia to the benefit of the Australian community and its environment.

e) advance the value of the Australian natural environment and the sustainable use of the environment.

Website: TAGOA

AUSSIE ARKAnimal preservation project

Aussie Ark was established in 2011 as ‘Devil Ark’, with a focus on saving the iconic Tasmanian devil from extinction. Since then and due to overwhelming success, the role of Aussie Ark has expanded and now has a vision of creating a long-term future for our threatened Australian native species.

‘Our vision is to create a long-term future for Australia’s Threatened wildlife’

Their mission:

  • To protect Australia’s threatened species with robust insurance populations
  • To create healthy ecosystems within Aussie Ark Sanctuaries and through rewilding
  • To have long-term tangible outcomes for the species in our care
  • To be a proactive, professional, transparent, and effective organisation.

Website: Aussie Ark


‘The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was registered as a charity in 1963, and manages a worldwide species recovery program. Durrell’s headquarters is in Jersey and serves as a centre for breeding, research, professional training and fundraising.’

Created by Gerald Durrell, naturalist, conservationist and author and lifelong mentor of Michael Thornley.

‘Saving species is at the heart of what we do, but our ambitions for bringing about change go beyond this.’

For over six decades, they have been working to not only prevent extinctions but to recover populations of threatened species and drive the rewilding of ecosystems the world over..

Their passion and proven track record enable them to make bold decisions and develop pioneering techniques, while their technical expertise and scientific research help to tackle each problem with the most appropriate conservation action.

Website: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Logos of the organisations listed above and any text that has been quoted directly from their websites remain the property of the individual organisations. It is simply shared to promote these organisations to visitors of this page.
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