Mentors are our guiding light in life

Mentors are a trusted and experienced adviser, a guide, a counselor, perhaps even a guru or swami and often, in our informative years, it may be a family member.

Throughout our lives we have turned to those that we respect to learn all that we can from them, seeking their guidance and their approval as we travel along on our own personal journeys. And for many of us, our first ‘Mentors’ are our parents as we have unconditional trust and belief in them.

As we grow, our ‘Mentors’ may change as our individual personalities evolve and our maturity develops. Yet whilst some choose to follow those that they believe to be ‘Mentors’ but are nothing more than self absorbed abusers of trust, many others believe that they have achieved so called adulthood and so they believe that they no longer have a need for guidance by anyone and stubbornly stumble along through life.

However, for all successful people, they continue to choose a ‘Mentor’ that has succeeded in life and reached the level of success that they also seek. A ‘Mentor’ is someone that you can connect with and have the opportunity to share your goals and desires with about your future. They will be sincere and frank and guide you on your path sharing their own experiences along the way.

It is never too late to find a ‘Mentor’. Be sure of what you want then seek an appropriate ‘Mentor’. And finding a ‘Mentor’ who is experienced and successful in your particular field of work, who is encouraging and willing to help you make the right decisions, is the most important positive action you can take on your personal and professional journey through life.

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve your Dreams’


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