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The Wealth Flow Formula

The  Wealth Flow Formula

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Michael Ellis Thornley

Love who we are first – Trish Rock

Our guest Blogger today is our friend and regular contributor Trish Rock 🙂
Michael Thornley
Creator of the Wealth Flow Formula

” On some level, I believe we all want to be seen and heard. Even the most internal and introvert person. We want to be validated. We want to know we are good enough. We want to be accepted as and for who we are.

Until we can see and hear ourselves though, no one else will. Until we accept ourselves, no outside validation will work. Until we Love who we are, know ourselves and stand in our own presence with Grace and Love, there will always be the longing for others to to prove our worth.

See yourself today.
Hear yourself today.
Love yourself today.

Your Heart holds the answers and knows the way.

Love <3

Trish Rock – Energy Intuitive, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Author

I QUIT!!!!

Our guest blogger today is our regular contributor Kristen Owens 🙂
Michael Thornley

What do you do when it seems that nothing is going your way, it feels like you are working way too hard and your business is still not moving forward.  Every step you take forward you take two steps backward and it takes everything in you to find just one thing you’re grateful for.

You may feel like you want to QUIT!

What to do when you feel this way?
You’ve heard that a gratitude practice is essential to your success of your business and your life.  How the heck do you muster up anything to be grateful for when sometimes it feels like you’re just surviving?  Although that is a limiting mindset, ‘I’m just surviving mindset’ which will sabotage you every time. What is necessary to cultivate here is how exactly you can find gratitude in the worst of times.
This is where I can help.  I know this all too well.  I’ve felt many times like it would be easier to quit BUT quitting is NOT an option…ever!
I was that girl who automatically found herself focusing on everything that wasn’t going well. I would ask ‘will things ever change?’  ‘Why does it have to take so darn long?’

Even when I practiced gratitude, my mind would say ‘really, but look at all those things that aren’t working’  I would sabotage myself by allowing my mind to keep me from focusing on the good.

I know I am not the only one, right? 
So what did I do to transform this mentality so I didn’t continue down the sabotage road and destroy any chance of success I ever dreamed about?
Each morning I say my beliefs.  I declared one belief that states ‘Every step I take is working perfectly, every single second’.  I began to repeat this over and over.  I asked myself if I believed this?  I realized that to believe this statement it requires me to believe that if I trust, surrender and let God be God then whatever it was I needed to learn right then at that period in my life and business was necessary for me to move on.
I then received my daily devotional which was titled “Put Patience to Work”.  Hmmm…isn’t that timely.  Once you put patience to work you will then see the blessings that follow.  Patience, by the way, is not my strong point.  Is that the same for you? 
So, I chose at that minute to work patience in me, know and trust that every step I take is working perfectly right now.  It wasn’t easy but I knew it was necessary so it could become easy.
are you willing to stop surviving and begin thriving?  Are you ready to have the business and life that is waiting for you?  You were created for greatness but it’s up to you to stand in that place and recognize where you need to adjust and grow.
“As you’re going through IT you’re GROWING through it” TWEET THAT
What I know for certain is that you must see the growing opportunity to overcome it and move on.  The faster you are willing to do this the faster you’ll see your results.
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Be Brilliant & Shine,

Kristen Owens 

Author, Speaker, Coach
Holistic Nutritionist