Celebrate your unique history. Begin your DNA journey.

Your path to discovery begins here

Follow the path of your ancestors and discover your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA’s industry-leading tests.


Family Ancestry

Learn more about your ancestry by discovering the percentage breakdown of your origins from ancestors that lived up to 500 years ago, and by connecting with DNA relatives across the globe. Go back even further and compare your DNA to DNA found at ancient European archaeological dig sites.


Paternal Ancestry

With our advanced Y-DNA tests and the world’s largest Y-DNA database, males can use Y-DNA to determine where their direct paternal ancestors came from and how they migrated throughout the world.


Maternal Ancestry

Because mtDNA is passed down almost unchanged from a mother to all of her children, both males and females can trace their maternal line’s ancestry using our advanced mtDNA tests and the world’s largest mtDNA database.


We won’t share your DNA

We believe your DNA belongs to YOU and only you . . .period. For that reason, we will never sell your DNA to third parties.

Thornley Genealogical Services

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Siawkrom School Ghana Project

Siawkrom School Ghana Project

Siawkrom-School-Ghana-Project - GoFundMe-DonationsChildren of the Siawkron D/A School Ghana

The Michael Thornley Organisation endorses the Humanitarian efforts of the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross.

This is the current GoFundMe Project of CEO Michael Thornley.
PLEASE give what YOU can… blessings.

Siawkrom-School-Ghana-Project - GoFundMe-Donations Michael-Thornley-Organisation
Siawkrom-School-Ghana-Project - GoFundMe-Donations Siawkrom-School-Ghana-Project - GoFundMe-Donations

The greatest need of the project are as follows :

EDUCATION : Quite often, children from deprived communities and families don’t have access to quality education and those who manage to go are usually not equipped with books, bags, uniforms and shoes.
To provide educational assistance to 20 pupils in Siawkrom D/A Primary School.

The project will help address the following :
I). Increase enrollment.
II). Check truancy.
III). Improve academic work.
IV) Encourage good personal hygiene.
V). The gap between rural education and urban education will be margined.

Amount of money needed Gh¢1,895.00
20 Primary School Pupils.

25. 00

1.50*150pieces= 225.00




1,895.00 GH¢ = Approx US$500-00

                             Teacher:  Solomon Kwabena Gyimah
                             Project: Co-ordinator:  Col Michael Thornley 
                           Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross
     NGO with UN DESA

Siawkrom-School-Ghana-Project - GoFundMe-Donations Humanitarian-Order-Southern-Cross

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Who is the “Typical” Entrepreneur? What are the Typical Characteristics?

typical-entrepreneur Thornley

Who is the “Typical” Entrepreneur? What are the Typical Characteristics?

They are usually highly creative;  have visionary ideas; they are also daring decision makers and like to take risks.

They seek independence and freedom. Does this sound like you?

Joe Sugarman says that a true entrepreneur is a person who makes a lot of money, loses it all and makes it all back again. He reveals some more traits of the “typical” entrepreneur in this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Los Cabos, Mexico.

typical-entrepreneur Michael-Thornley-Organisation


Who is the “Typical” Entrepreneur? What are the Typical Characteristics


Entrepreneurs are not infallible. They have some flaws as well.

They tend to bristle under authoritarian figures and they have a moderate need for power and to be the one in control.

Indeed they may come up with great imaginative ideas, but sometimes they have trouble letting these ideas go. Sometimes they are rigid, stubborn and resist change.

And they are not always the best managers, either. Often they are dominating and can be difficult to work with. Other times, they are too wrapped up in their own projects to be worrying about others.


A study found that the average entrepreneur is a male between ages 30 and 35. But this is changing.

With the internet, anyone can be an entrepreneur. You can be any race, color, creed, nationality, gender and age. With the internet, there are no excuses.

You can access more beginner business strategies like this one, and learn how to model the “thinking patterns” of the world’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, in the MOBE Silver Masterclass. To learn more about the Silver Masterclass, click HERE.


Michael E Thornley
Author & Entrepreneur


typical-entrepreneur Masterclass Michael-Thornley

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Reactive Mode or Productive Mode with the Michael Thornley Organisation

Reactive Mode or Productive Mode
Matt-Lloyd MOBE

Reactive Mode or Productive Mode. Sharing some great advice from my business partner and mentor Matt Lloyd


“One of the marks of successful people is they are action oriented. One of the marks of average people is they are talk oriented.”

~ Brian Tracy


I’ll give you a quick productivity tip for today.

There’s 2 modes you can be in throughout your day when you’re working on your business.

You can be in reactive mode Or productive mode.

Reactive mode means you’re constantly consuming information, and then responding to it.  It could be emails.  Messages on Facebook or Instagram.  Skype.  A Youtube video. The information could be from staff.  Or from other marketers, trying to get you to buy their stuff.

There’s always going to be a portion of your day devoted to reactive tasks.  You can’t build a big business without giving your attention to new information and responding to it.

But, most people struggling to get their business off the ground are spending waaayyy too much time on reactive tasks.

The ones making no money are usually spending over 95% of their time just reacting.

On the other hand, the top 5% of revenue producing business’s in any industry are being run by people who flip those numbers on their head. They are spending 95% of their time creating new material.

New products with New roles to fill. Many New processes.  New ads and New sales copy.  Also New email marketing and follow-up videos.  New company’s. They are producers.  That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Most of the time, I myself am a producer.

However, when I started out in business, that was not the case. Pre-2008, I’d spent more than the last decade in the education system getting taught to study and remember new information… not necessarily to apply that information.

I naturally spent all my time reading emails, watching videos, reading books and magazines, and watching from the sidelines what everyone else was doing.

I’d justify this obsessive consumption of other people’s material as important ‘learning time’ – but the truth is, I’d not yet learned the most important lesson for a new entrepreneur.

And that lesson is:

There’s absolutely no substitute for trying a lot of different things, having most of it fail, but learning through direct experience the few things which actually work.

It took me the better part of 2 years to really grasp this lesson.  Finally it got to a point where I was so sick to death of not making money, and not having a successful business, that I started to focus more on producing.

And so I started doing more videos.  I started doing more webinars.  And I started actually promoting and selling every single day.

I stopped consuming everyone else’s material, and started creating my own.

The sooner you experience this epiphany for yourself, the better.

Talk soon!

Matt Lloyd  CEO MOBE


Michael-Thornley MOBE

MOBE 21-steps

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Desbloquea tu mente millonaria

millonaria  wifi-millionaire michael-Thornley-Organisation

Desbloquea tu mente millonaria


Hoy quiero hablarte sobre cómo debes pensar para empezar a hacer seis cifras al año en línea.

Sí, piensa.

Porque hay una gran diferencia entre la mentalidad de un empleado que hace, digamos, 50,000 dólares al año, y un empresario que hace esa misma cantidad cada mes.

Hay una diferencia entre alguien que está feliz de entrar y hacer su 9-a-5, y alguien que hace seis cifras al año trabajando sólo 4 horas al día.

Y hay una diferencia gigantesca entre alguien que toma el control de su vida y alguien que deja a su jefe para decidir.

Creo que mucho de eso se reduce a la mentalidad.

Supongamos que eso es cierto, que su mentalidad ha estado reteniéndolo de vuelta del éxito … ¿cómo entonces usted va sobre substituir una mentalidad del empleado con un nuevo cerebro del empresario?

Quiero hacer dos sugerencias hoy.

La primera es la siguiente:
Si realmente desea convertirse en un empresario exitoso, debe reconocer que el “dólar se detiene con usted”.

Usted es responsable de su fracaso y éxito. Para tus buenos meses y tus malos. Para su récord de cheques de comisión y por los tiempos que está roto.

No es su jefe, su familia o sus amigos que es responsable de su éxito. Todo depende de ti.

Sin un jefe, no hay nadie que te obligue a trabajar. Para levantarse temprano en la mañana, o para poner en horas de la noche.

No hay consecuencias si no logras tu meta. Quiero decir, no te despedirás, ¿verdad?

Sonidos asustadizos, pero hay también una perspectiva magnífica a esta nueva manera de pensar.

Su negocio florecerá en línea con sus esfuerzos. Cuando usted trabaja duro – e inteligente – usted ganará la manera más dinero que cualquier trabajo a tiempo completo, y usted tendrá la libertad de ir junto con.

Por lo tanto, asumir la responsabilidad de sus esfuerzos y tiempo. Pronto serás recompensado por cada minuto que pongas.

Así que ese es mi primer consejo. La segunda es la siguiente:
Rodéate de materiales empresariales y deja de leer lo mismo que los empleados leen.

En su lugar, lea lo que los empresarios y la gente exitosa leer. Leer libros de negocios. Libros sobre el auto-crecimiento.

Lea acerca de cómo hacer una vida a tiempo completo con una conexión wi-fi y las ventanas viejas portátil …

Haga clic aquí!

Omitir mensajes de Facebook, revistas basura, novelas románticas y otras cosas que te mantendrán pobre.

Por supuesto, hay un lugar para el entretenimiento, pero cuanto más tiempo se puede poner en la lectura de las cosas correctas, más rápido su mente se transformará en la de un empresario. Y por más difícil que sea creer, dejarás de disfrutar de pasar tiempo en cosas que no te acercan a tus metas.
Habla pronto.

Empezar hoy!

Recoge una copia de este libro. Es sólo $ 3 y es una gran cartilla sobre la creación de una mentalidad empresarial y hacer un ingreso de seis cifras en línea.


Michael E. Thornley
Autor y Emprendedor

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The Top-three skills every business owner needs for long-term success

rookie-profit-system Michael-Thornley-Organisation

The Top-three skills every business owner needs for long-term success


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to master different skills during   your career.

Here are the top-three skills every business owner needs for long-term success…

 1. The top skill for Beginners

If you’re a brand new entrepreneur—right from the very start— the number one most   important skill to develop is sales.

Most people are afraid of selling, so they just don’t do it. And that’s why most people quit   the business, because they never make any sales.

Selling is THE MOST important skill in business. And when you’re beginning as an   entrepreneur, it’s vital for you to learn how to influence people. And learn how to sell.

 2. The top skill for Veterans

You will constantly face challenges along your journey, but you need to stick with your   goals no matter what. That’s why resilience is one of the strongest traits you could   possibly  have.

There will be times when you think the problems will just never end, and that’s actually   true—the problems will never end.

The problems will keep coming even when you start making the “big” money. So you
need to develop broad shoulders to survive in affiliate marketing.

 3. The top skill for Scaling your business

The most important skill you need to scale your business is being good at promoting your   products.

The most successful affiliates I’ve ever known are always promoting. They won’t go to bed   at night unless they send an email to their list. And they make over a million a year.

Most business owners get bogged down with all the management activities, and they   never scale. To free up your time, hire a staff to handle your office work, so you can   maintain your primary role of promoting the products.

It’s very important that you never lose the skill of being the main promoter of your   company. And you’ll be able to scale your business further than you ever thought.

And if you want to cut your learning curve even faster, I have a good opportunity for you…

I’m talking about the Internet’s only automatic system that deposits $1,250, $3,300,   $9,000, even $18,000 directly into your bank account.

The system was created by 22-year-old Steven Bransfield, who used this exact system to   pocket $1,376,421.03 in just two years.

And he’s personally helped four people make over six-figures in the past 12 months. You   can learn this system too.

With this unique training, you’ll get the all the tools you need to make six-figures a year   online for the rest of your life.

Steven recently made a free video that explains how he went from zero-to-millionaire in   just two years.

>>Watch the Free Video Here<<


Michael E  Thornley
Author & Entrepreneuer



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Endometriosis is REAL!

endometriosis-petition michael-thornley


I humbly share this article courtesy of Karlie Wilkinson who currently has a petition with CHANGE.ORG  petitioning Minister for Health and Sport Greg Hunt MP in Australia.
I have close friends and family members who have to endure this debilitating and horrible illness and in this small way, I wish to make both men and women more aware of the issues at hand…. Michael Thornley


Endometriosis is REAL!

“Endometriosis is a disease which effects 1 in 10 women, approximately 176 million. Its as common as Diabetes yet our government & health care “professionals” across the globe do not recognise it as a genuine illness. It is often referred to as a “silent epidemic”.

It is something I am passionate about because it is something I live with. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and it is something that will effect me until the day I die.

Endo effects mainly the uterus and the surrounding organs including but not limited to; bowels, stomach, bladder, fallopian tubes and even the lungs. It causes chronic pain, extreme fatigue, chronic nausea (it’s literally morning sickness without the baby), muscle & joint pain, painful periods, severe bloating, infertility + more. It was described to me “it’s like having rusty insides & as time goes on the rust builds and builds and the less functioning the organs become, until eventually they are useless”. It is surgery every 6-12 months, being told you’ll never have children at the age of 19, morning painkillers. It is torture and it is real. These symptoms persist every single day of our lives, it is our “normal”.

Any sufferer will tell you just how hard it is to find someone educated and willing to help when it comes to specialists. I myself was told by a specialist (who did not know that I had already been diagnosed) that it couldn’t be endometriosis because of my age and that my pain was caused by something I have been eating… tell me now just how educated these so called professionals are in women’s health. These horror stories need to be heard.

I am calling on the Australian Government to have this disease recognised as real.

Provide more support to those of us who are torturing ourselves everyday by pushing through the pain because we want to be able to provide for our families and less to those who take the system for a ride each and every day. We need your help.

At the moment Australian women are being denied financial support, expected to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for surgeries (that are only temporary may I add) and pay for expensive hormone treatments that may not even work. The government and the healthcare industry needs to be educated more than they currently are, because I think I speak for every sufferer when I say we are sick of being laughed out of specialist offices being told “it’s all in your head.”


Please sign this petition and help me get this recognised as something real. ”

Thank you xx
Karlie Wilkinson

 >> SIGN HERE <<

This petition will be delivered to:

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The Thornley Wildlife Foundation (TWF)

Michael-Thornley Thornley-Wildlife-Foundation

Thornley Wildlife Foundation


The Thornley Wildlife Foundation is an information platform for endangered species. It was founded by Michael E .Thornley – Author, Entrepreneur & Naturalist in 2016.

Conservation of endangered species through a combination of environmental protection & education; habitat repair & rewilding efforts and breeding programs conducted by reputable zoos, is wholeheartedly supported by the TWF.

Saving nature through education is at the very heart of what we do at TWF.

It is our mission to find and share the solutions that are saving the myriad array of life that coexists with us on this planet we all call home.
Thus as an individual… YOU… may support these efforts by volunteering either time and/or money to these worthwhile projects.

(The TWF is a not for profit; non monetary; educational and media platform. )

Yet we all have much to do! Did you realise that humans are behind the current rate of species extinction, which is at least 100–1,000 times higher than what nature had intended. In fact the “WWF’s 2014 Living Planet Report found wildlife populations of vertebrate species—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish—have declined by 52 percent over the last 40 years.”

“And the impacts will reach far beyond the potential cultural loss of iconic species like tigers, rhinos and whales.”


The good news is that there are a number successful wildlife recovery stories ranging from southern Africa’s black rhino to Panda Bears in China. And this is done in unison in helping to protect rich and varied ecosystems while ensuring people continue to benefit from nature.

Thornley-Wildlife-Foundation Michael-Thornley

We MUST NOT fail in our mission to save a living planet.

Michael-Thornley Thornley-Wildlife-Foundation

The Thornley Wildlife Foundation supports many groups that include:


– The World Wildlife Fund
– The National Audubon Society
–  The Jane Goodall Institute
–  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
– Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
– Rewilding Europe
– Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary

– State National Park Services
– Australian Zoos active in Conservation
– Afton Street Conservation Park, Aberfeldie, Melbourne, Victoria
– Edithvale Wetlands, Seaford, Victoria
– Jawbone Marine & Conservation Park, Williamstown, Victoria
– Yellingbo Nature Conservation reserve, Yellingbo, Victoria
– Ewen Maddock Dam and Reserve, Mooloolah, Queensland
– Mary Cairncross park, Maleny, Queensland

Michael E Thornley
President ‘TWF’

Contact-us Thornley-Wildlife-Foundation





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Why “how-to” doesn’t put food on the table!

food-table Newsletter Michael Thornley

Why “how-to” doesn’t put food on the table !


Why “how-to” doesn’t put food on the table !  He’s bought a few courses, yet he’s just watching others doing it and getting all the    results…
There’s a big crowd of people online called Sedated Success Spectators. They have the  tendency to Buy. To watch others. And to do nothing themselves… Searching high and dry  for the perfect “HOW-TO” miracle that’ll hand them the result they’re after.

The reality of WHAT is: you never lack the how-to. Most are lacking the ACTIVE, functional  WANT-TO.  Achievement is about movement, not rumination.
A boy doesn’t want to clean his room. You wouldn’t give him a How To Clean Your Room    manual. The problem is the WANT-TO.
Making sense?
If someone came up to you and said they’d give you $1 million if you’d add 100 people to  your email list in the next 30 days… Or if you’d put up one FB Ad to drive leads to your  website… Or if you’d create an irresistible offer and tell at least 25 people about it… Think  you could do it? For a million bucks?
I think we’d all find a way, right?
So it’s all about want-to. Do we want it bad enough? Will we CHOOSE to take action? Or  will we choose to remain on the sidelines? It always boils down to the choices we make,  and the actions we can take.
Asking yourself that million-dollar question whenever you’re stuck on doing something  can REALLY help put things into perspective! Either I choose to get it done. Or I choose not  to. And it’s these choices that puts us in the exact spot we’re currently at in our lives.
We choose. We decide. Isn’t life grand?
Not sure if you’d be open to a system that can bring you in steady paychecks up to $1k to  $10K and higher?

It’s already paid out millions in commissions to teachers, retirees, students, folks from all  walks of life. So it WORKS and works WELL. But you’ll have to CHOOSE whether to invest,  go through the system, and let it work for you or not…

As always, the ball’s in your court! Do not delay any longer…. Act Now !

  >>  Click Here<<

Michael E Thornley
Author & Entrepreneur
food-table MOBE act-now
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The most critical year of your life!

The Most Critical Year of Your Life

Is your bank or retirement account on life support here ?

If you are dealing with any of the following challenges, we can help:

– Need extra spending cash?
– Have debt or bills to pay?
– Living paycheck to paycheck?
– Looking for a way to earn more income?
– Want to spend more time with your family?
– Wish you could go on a real holiday?
– Ready to retire, but don’t have enough savings?

The bad news is nothing’s going to change unless you take action.

The good news is there’s a way to change everything, starting right away.

And it begins right here …

If you are in or approaching retirement and you are looking for a real solution to your  financial challenges …

Give yourself the Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough, now.!

Trust me, there’s no smoke and mirrors here; there’s no get-rich-quick schemes; nor are  there any specialized skills or talents required for you to benefit from this program.

All I ask when you check out this revolutionary new system, is that you have an open mind  and block out any negative thoughts or disbeliefs even if you’ve been burned before.

You are finally in the right place at the right time so you can begin living the kind of life  you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.

If you think you are ready for a big financial change….

Click this LINK right away!

Life often rewards decisive action…

For less than dinner and a movie, you can make this your biggest year ever!

Plus, since it’s a 100% digital program, you can get started today.

But I must warn you, this offers expires soon, so don’t delay.


Here’s to your brand-new life of abundance,

Michael E Thornley
Author & Entrepreneur



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