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Photos and text by Michael E Thornley.
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I love to take photographs and everyday there are new opportunities to capture yet another magical photo. In fact I always carry an iphone with me just in case I view that perfectly framed shot! And many of the photographs that I take are from an iphone 4 which I brought back from the USA.

Unfortunately the iphone did not have a ‘sim card’. Consequently I was unable to use it as a mobile (cell) phone when I returned to Australia. However there is no doubting the qualiy pictures that it takes! Also due to a little help from the humble talents of  yours truly!

Most of all enjoy the memes that I share with you below.

Michael Thornley
Author and Entrepreneur


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Michael E Thornley- Author

” Michael Thornley was born in 1960 at Manly NSW Australia and grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Since 1986 he has resided mostly in Queensland Australia and for a short period also in the USA and Spain.

As an Author, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Humanitarian, Conservationist, Photographer, Ornithologist and Traveler, he has experienced many an adventure. He has met with some ‘interesting’ characters and of course, some wonderful people along the way also.”

( All work published by Michael E Thornley including Novella’s, Short Stories, Guide Books , Photographs etc are the original work of Michael E Thornley.)


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Michael Thornley
Author & Entrepreneur