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Dreams of the Bottom Billion – A New Approach To Curing World Poverty | Anik Singal


Dreams of the Bottom Billion –
A New Approach To Curing World Poverty
~Anik Singal~


Today I  am sharing a rather unique idea by my colleague Anik Singal. Watch the video! Thought provoking! … Michael


Since I was a small child, my Father had always instilled the sheer importance of EDUCATION.

Since I was around 10 years old, I would go around saying that I wanted to build SCHOOLS all over the World and help children who couldn’t go to school.

A dream, but as I grew up, I started realizing just how BIG the problem really is.

3 Billion+ people in this World live on less than $2.50 a DAY…

After learning this – my wife and I teamed up with an amazing couple in India and we started on a mission to do our part. We wanted to figure out a MODEL that could work all over the World… and FIX this problem.

After 6 schools … 600+ children … 4,500+ community members…

We think we’ve found the PERFECT MODEL!


I wanted to get on a TED stage and show everyone my new CURE for Poverty.

I want to shake the entire Non-Profit sector up and I think the way we are approaching World Poverty is completely wrong. So, I’m proud to announce that I finally got my chance!

I recently spoke on a TEDx stage about my approach to curing World Poverty! I’ll even give you numbers and PROOF that you just can’t deny!

LIVE before your eyes – watch this talk and you won’t have a choice but to believe it!

TED Talk – My New Approach To Curing World Poverty…

But I could REALLY use your help getting this message out there…

The more people that see this TED talk, the more my wife & I can do. We can build even more schools….reach more children….. help more people!

Take Action!

So, here’s what I’m asking from you…

#1 – Please go and watch the Video…
#2 – Please click on the
#3 – Please leave a comment
#4 – Please share this video with someone you know!

I really want to get this message out. I think we can change the World together.

Watch TED Talk – Dreams of The Bottom Billion – My New Approach To Curing World Poverty…

Thank you so much!

Anik Singal
CEO, Lead Fighter
Lurn, Inc

Hope – Do not give up. Try One More Time

When the world says give up, hope whispers, try one more time ~ Unknown

Just think of the future… think of your dreams…….think beyond the trials and tribulations of the now! Whilst you are alive there is always hope to ‘live the dream’ and make it a reality and remember….there is always a solution to any problem. Only that sometimes you may have to delve a little deeper into your soul to retrieve the answer.

‘Be strong now as things will get better. It may be stormy now but it will not rain forever.’

Now I too have known sorrow and despair in my life and indeed most of us have or will in time. This is a natural part of the Circle of Life. Yet never forget that there are countless numbers of ‘brothers & sisters’ of humanity experiencing a depth of despair far greater than you or I could ever imagine. And yet they survive through having Hope.

Hope that their circumstances will improve.
Hope that their basic needs of food, water and shelter will materialise.
Hope that their loved ones will regain their health.

Where there is Love there is Hope

Our needs and desires are all relative. However we all possess the ability to promote Hope in our lives. There is always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and whilst you may see your life at present deep within the depths of a dark and damp tunnel remember this! The very nature of a tunnel is that there is an entry and an exit point and the light DOES exist at the end of this tunnel. It is up to you as to whether you take Hope by the arm and continue together along that tunnel to the light.

“Hope is not mere wishful thinking. It is the precursor of a new dawn that slowly, steadily and unerringly comes to the fore and eventually grows into reality’s existence.”  ~ Sri Chinmoy

Michael E Thornley
Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur 

Synchronicity – signs, signs, everywhere are signs

 Synchronicity – ” the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”  ….or do they?

Seeing ‘signs’ or recognising  interrelated occurrences happens to all of us.  I do not think that anyone could deny this has not happened at least once in their lives. And for many of us it has occurred on numerous occasions.

So why does it happen? Well there any many reasons, theories and belief systems that offer an explanation. Yet regardless of your own personal view on this, I am sure that we all agree that it can and does happen.

Research has confirmed Synchronicity?

It happens to everyone sooner or later: A certain number will just pop up wherever you go; an old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years since high school contacts you  the very  same day you’re looking at their picture in a school yearbook; you’re singing a song and you turn on the radio and there is that  same song is playing….  the list is endless.

Many simply say “oh it is just a co-incidence’. Well let me ask you ‘How many co-incidences are happening in your life?’ Can it ALL be a co-incidence?

Yet others might think of it in terms of the odds. If there is a one-in-a-million chance of that particular coincidence happening, why make such a big deal of it? For example, somebody has to win the lottery! I accept that this viewpoint has a certain validity as synchronicity is part and parcel of physical laws. It doesn’t defy the natural order of events…. it simply raises more questions than can easily be answered by a cause-and-effect equation.

So when synchronicity happens, many people overlook it or call it something else. They might say, “I got lucky,”  or “It came out of the blue.”. Then when asked if they have experienced synchronicity, they can’t remember any. All those incidents are filed away in their sub-conscious, but under the category of luck.

” We experience synchronicity most often when we’re open and aware, which in turn is affected by the outer conditions in which we find ourselves and the inner conditions in which we put ourselves. ”

  • Special circumstances such as births, deaths, and times of upheaval are outer conditions that push us toward openness because, as the ground shifts beneath our feet, we feel more vulnerable.
  • Mundane circumstances of daily life can be rich with synchronicity if we have the right inner conditions—if we make ourselves more open to the world through personal awareness and inner work.


Strings of Synchronicities

When we are beginning a relationship for example, synchronicity seems to appear all over the place. We feel light-headed, happy, open; the world is smiling back at us, giving the relationship a sense of destiny and ‘producing signs.

As the song goes ‘Signs, signs everywhere a sign” and for me I place allot of importance on this. I see the Universe is guiding me and confirming that I am on the right path. Others may call it God, spirit or some other entity or ideal. Yet it all comes down to ‘It actually happens’.

The sceptics may still call it a coincidence, yet by calling it something they are acknowledging it is happening 🙂 I rest my case 😉

Michael E Thornley
Author and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Are You Proud Of What You Did Today?

Are You Proud Of What You Did Today?

Whenever you work on a computer and exit out of your work you always get the same question.

“Do you want to save the changes you made?”

And when it comes to papers or reports it’s an easy choice. You click yes.

But think about this.

If right before you went to bed at the end of the day a banner popped up in front of you and asked “do you want to save the changes you made today?” would you?

Make no mistake. When it comes to making your dreams come true you either get closer or further away every day.

So tonight when you go to bed will you want to save the changes you made to your life today?

Don’t think too hard about it. Because now you have a chance to make the answer an automatic hell yes.

If you found a job that allowed you to work from you computer and make thousands every week doing it you’d save those changes right?

If you found a simple and streamlined way to make a fortune then you’d save those changes right?

If you found a system that made people money so well that if it didn’t work for you then you’d get your money back x 10 then you’d save those changes right?

You’re going to want to save today. Because you just found all that and more.

MTTB is a tried and true fortune maker that lets people work from their own laptop.

MTTB has earned its affiliates over $25 million in commissions. Click below to be one of them and make this day worth saving.



Michael E Thornley
Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur 

Be Proud! … Stop ‘Existing’ & Live your Life!  Achieve Your Dreams!


LIMITLESS – Escape the Rat Race and Make Money Online

In today’s blog post I am offering ALL of you the opportunity to get a FREE book on how to start your own online business. This book is written by MOBE’s CEO Matt Lloyd who has developed a 100 Million $ company of which I am a Titanium Business Consultant.

And whilst it does refer to his journey, it is also reflective on creating  ‘general’ online businesses. His methods can be applied by YOU to your current business or to helping you find the right type of business to suit your needs.

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Make a decision and Invest in Yourself today! Just do it! If we don’t no one else will do it for you but I am here to encourage you and help you always….. blessings.

Michael Thornley
Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Limitless  ( Free Book ) is a personal account of my journey from a small farm in Australia to the helm of a $100 million company.

In this book, you’ll learn the secret to my success (The HTAM Method), and how other people have leveraged it to earn a documented $51 million to date.

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Dear Friend,
The economy has changed forever.

The days of working for a company for 35 years and retiring with a pension are over.

For some, this is scary.

For others, it’s exciting.

It all depends on your viewpoint.

You see, every major “shift” in our economy presents new opportunities to profit.

Did you know? …

More millionaires were created in the Great Depression than any other time in American history because it was an ideal time to start a new business.

Real estate was cheap and assets could be bought at fire sale prices.

Today, our world economy has shifted again … this time as a result of the Internet and globalization.

Those who see this can become millionaires just like those who saw opportunity in the Great Depression.


I first noticed this shift 7 years ago, but I didn’t know how to profit from it … yet.

I spent the next 2 years working long hours (and spending everything I had) but I finally broke through and “cracked the code.”

It was the beginning of my “HTAM Method” that would go on to help generate over $100 million in the next 5 years.

Since then, I’ve shared this idea with thousands of people all over the world who have made a combined total of over $51 million with it.

And after 5 years, I’m finally ready to put it all down in a book called …

Limitless MOBE free-book

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Matt Lloyd

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Growing up on a farm in the Australian outback, he learned the value of hard work at a young age, and was exposed to what went into building a business – and the idea that there were no hand-outs in life.

By the time he was in college, he had already started dozens of small businesses – from selling Kangaroo furs, to farming marron, to mowing lawns, he was willing to try anything!

During those late college years, he came across a home business opportunity on the internet.

Knowing nothing about online marketing, he became obsessed with figuring it out… but 9 months later, with over $40,000 invested and having dropped out of college, had still not made a single sale.

He kept persisting, and, slowly results started to show up.

In mid-2011, Matt created ‘MOBE’ as the solution to the biggest problems the industry was facing. The company and community has continued to grow ever since.

Now an 8-figure / year business with over 60 staff, and over 10,000 active partners, the company puts on live masterminds all around the world for serious entrepreneurs.

Over 370,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to the MOBE list and have benefited from MOBE’straining and systems.”

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Digital Information Products are the go! – with Michael Thornley

Digital Information Products are the go! – with Michael Thornley

oday’s post was inspired by a message from one of my Mentors Matt Lloyd, CEO of MOBE (My Online Business Education). 

Now I am a Titanium Business Consultant for MOBE. Yet the purpose of my blog today is to share with you the mindset and apparent reluctance exhibited by some of people when it comes to purchasing or trusting in digital information products. 

My business structure is based on digital information products. These include my published Amazon Kindle Books; my Business Education material with over 100 courses and resources available to you through my partnership with MOBE and my Travel Club offering experiences and opportunities through World Ventures Dream Trips.

” As someone who markets digital information online, you will from time to time meet people who ridicule the idea of paying money in exchange for something they can’t hold in their hand.

Such people don’t understand the potential value of ideas—information you can use to do things, including making money.” Matt Lloyd

This does apply in some cases and in particular to those of an ‘maturing ‘ age 🙂  The younger ones have mostly accepted that we are already well and truly in the ‘Information Age’ (and yes, many of us older ones like me have also! )

” The kind of person who argues that buying digital information is essentially buying nothing (because you can’t hold it in your hand) is the same kind of person who would rather hold on to his $100 and suffer in freezing temperatures—perhaps become ill or even die—because it doesn’t buy him something he can hold in his hand.”

Indeed and perhaps they will never change. Yet let us look at just some examples of where one pays for ‘Information’ I share the following from Mat Lloyd.

” Digital information and downloads are the most modern method for doing something we’ve been doing for centuries: paying people for their knowledge and experience. Here are a few examples of that:

  • Education. You can pay five or six figures for a college education. You aren’t paying all that cash just for that piece of paper you get at the end, are you?
  • Lawyers. It can be quite costly to hire a lawyer to handle your will, divorce, incorporation, or to defend you in a legal matter. What do you carry out of their office in exchange?
  • Consultants. You hire them to advise you on how to expand your business or how to redecorate your home. Even a personal trainer is a consultant for your physical improvement. What do you take delivery of after you pay them?
  • Tax preparers. Unless you truly love to do your own taxes, most of us are more than grateful to be able to pay an expert to do it for us and, with electronic filing, walk out their office completely “empty-handed.”
  • Plumbers, mechanics. They often give you the benefit of their knowledge, even if they don’t have to replace parts.
  • Movies, concerts, sporting events. You buy a ticket and attend the show or event and all you get for the price of your ticket is an experience—nothing you can put in your hand or your pocket (except the actual ticket).”

Therefore we have already been accustomed to this type of service only that so much more is now being offered world wide via the Internet.

I know that from when I first got on the Net that my knowledge and skills have been enhanced immensely. The people I have met ‘online’and continue to learn from in life is totally amazing. AND I have grasped this opportunity with both hands and learnt what I can to continue to improve upon my experiences and my knowledge.

So if you have had some reluctance in expanding your horizons on the Net, then it is time to push out from your comfort zone as you are missing out on so much information and personal growth.  I am here to assist you and guide you….. my supporters and my friends…..  so please do not be afraid to ask for guidance 🙂

One last question to you…. Have you read my E-books from Amazon yet? If you find the ‘thought’ of  reading  books in Kindle format a little daunting, I can assure you that it is very easy! Do not be embarrassed and simply as for help 🙂 just send and email to

Michael E  Thornley 

Solitude – Why solitude is good for business and your life

Solitude – Why solitude is good for business and your life

Greeting and blessings to all,

Once again my own mindset is in alignment with others. I am ready to take my ‘Bardic Gypsy’ tour from June this year to…….. whatever and wherever the Universe takes me.

Catriona Pollard is another I subscribe to both in the physical sense to her mailing list but more importantly to her mindset, her values and her guidance.

So I share with you now  her Email about Solitude and recharging that which is within. Part of the reason behind my road trip is to have that solitude, recharge my soul and experience the many wonders that Mother earth has out there waiting for us.

I am creating the life I wish to lead. No one else will do it for you. Many long hours and sacrifices have got me to this point where I can live the the ‘Laptop lifestyle’ I yearn for…. yes there are still some issues to overcome, but they are all external issues. In my heart and in my soul I know it is right for ME!

So what steps are you taking to make your life ‘RIGHT FOR YOU‘?


Smile 🙂
Michael E Thornley
Author, Entrepreneur & Traveler
The Bardic Gypsy Tour starts soon!


Why solitude is good for business and your life
by Today’s Guest Blogger Catriona Pollard

Over Easter I decided to have a holiday on my own. I’m not talking about booking a room at a fancy hotel for a couple of days R&R. I chose to walk about half of the world famous (and gorgeously beautiful) Great Ocean Walk in Victoria on my own.

While I’m a born hiker, I’ve never walked on my own. Some of my friends and family were concerned, but I just knew I would be okay.

The thing was. I craved solitude.

Why it was joyful

I loved the solitude because I deliberately chose it. It didn’t have any tinge of loneliness because it was self imposed and intentional which felt positive. It allowed a settling of thoughts and a burst of creativity. It allowed me to simply let ideas and concepts float to the surface.

Walking with butterflies

I didn’t need to fit in with other’s priorities or needs, just my own. So often in our lives – personal and professional – we can walk on paths that others choose for us – or that circumstances of life chooses for us.

 As I was walking all I could hear were my footsteps, the crashing of waves against the massive cliffs and the rustling of gum leaves in the trees. At times, I was joined by butterflies as I walked my path. And it truly felt like my path.  

Connected but isolated

Even though I was on my own I felt really connected. So incredibly connected to the world around me, to my creativity, to my thoughts and ideas, to my sense of self and to the people who texted me every evening to make sure I was safe.

Seeing the beauty

As I walked I took the time to create ephemeral sculptures. Finding interesting sticks, stones – whatever caught my eye, I created sculptures which I simply left there. This practice represents the transitory nature of our lives, our problems and issues we face. We can create beauty from simple things around us.

My walk was a gift to myself
My limbs were aching, my toenails bruised, and as I finished the last few kilometres I felt like a warrior woman. You know the “hear me roar” kind of feeling. I’m now back in front of my computer with renewed energy for myself and my business!

So is there time for solitude in your life?

Here’s to seeing you in the spotlight.


Catriona-Pollard Solitude

Catriona Pollard
From Unknown To Expert
CP Communications


P.S. I ran a session last week for top level executives about personal branding and media. You know, I just love teaching people about these topics. Chat with me about speaking or training in your organisation.Contact me here.

Catriona-Pollard Solitude

~ Want to build your profile, drive sales and be known as an influencer? Find out how in my book From Unknown To Expert and the Acceleration Pack ~

Mindset- It is a Choice with guest blogger Kristen Owens

Mindset- It is a Choice with guest blogger Kristen Owens

How often do we sit contemplating an issue or just mull over an idea AND then we see or hear a reference to it. There is truth in putting a request out to the ‘Universe’ or to ‘God’ depending on your belief and it will be answered.

I was actually thinking about peoples different mindsets and how one can look at life form ‘a glass half empty’ whilst another can look at a ‘glass half full’. And these differences can often be seen in members of the same family.

So whilst siting back with a coffee contemplating this very issue, that familiar ‘mail received ding’ came through on the mobile phone (Cell phone to you North Americans).  And there before me was Kristen’s email of which I will now share with you.

AND don’t forget my books await your eyes and why not read them on one of our Dream Trips 🙂

Michael Thornley
Author, Entrepreneur & Traveller.  

How to solve the ’Eeyore Syndrome with Kristen Owen

You know those people that walk through life with a rosy outlook, they always expect things to work out, looking at the bright side of life and finding joy in every day.  Then there are others that may have a more negative outlook, feeling like life is a push, things are a struggle and they always get the short end of the stick.

We’ve all come across both types of people. Maybe we’re one of them.  Do you know the irony here? Life will follow each type’s perspective because their mindset leads the way – it is the set of glasses through which they see the world.

The people with positive outlooks will always find the upside of every situation and the more gloomy people will see the downside of the same exact situation … like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh!

It’s the power of MINDSET!

What people forget is it’s a CHOICE. As humans, God has given us free will. Even when we may feel that our way is the only way, it’s because we haven’t given ourselves the opportunity to crank open what we think we know and allow for something new.  You have within you a gold-mine of resources to take you to where you want to be.

In my experience, it’s easier to stay where you are.  It’s easier to build someone else’s dreams than your own.  It’s easier to not grow yourself and stay the way you are because growing yourself means ending old habits and a bit more work than we admit to want to do.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I am big on re-building habits.  Transforming your mindset is about changing the habit of what you think.  The battlefield is literally in your mind.  If you want more in your life, if you want to reach your exciting goals, if you want to live a life of possibility, you know the one God has for you, then I have something for you.

For the next 5 days I will be guiding you to jumpstart your mind. Get clear on what and why you think what you do in order to make a new choice and rewire your brain for new pathways and increased success.

Are you ready for that?

I hope you’ll join me! Monday April 11th is when it all goes down….you + me in your inbox. Let’s make this happen.

Register Here for Free

I’m excited because these are the exact steps I still use to keep myself moving in direction that will make my dreams a reality.  Monday April 11th is when it starts but register now so you can get all the deets sent to your inbox.

I look forward to helping you up level your mindset to match your dreams!

Register Here

Here’s to Confidently Courageously YOU!

Kristen Owens
Success Coach to Faith Centered, Ambitious
Entrepreneurial Women who want to up level their  
Mindset & Self Image to Create the Time & Financial Freedom they Desire!
Join here to get in on my Private Mastermind ‘Faith
Centered Business Women’ where you can get
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inspiration to make it happen in your life & Biz!

Sort through the Chickens to find the Eagles!

” Sort through the Chickens to find the Eagles! Do you want to scratch around like chickens or soar with the Eagles?”

I love this analogy and this is true in life as in business. Many are simply happy and content with living their same old same old routine and that is fine. Whilst others wish to experience more in life and push out and motivate themselves to improve their lives…. that is fine too.

However, we will find that some of these chickens are envious of the eagles and so they mock the young eaglets as they try to fly. Yet when the Eagles do finally fly, the chickens become jealous of the freedom that the eagles have achieved in soaring high.

We all need to reassess our life’s plan at time. So ask yourself this question “am I happy with where my life is heading to or indeed where I have arrived at this particular moment in time? If so great 🙂 ……..  If not then ask yourself this “‘ What can I DO to make the necessary changes to get back on my life’s pathway. Remember, this is YOUR pathway.

To achieve this journey you need to remove those negative jealous chickens and surround yourself with other eaglets and eagles. Follow and learn from those that have achieved the life that you wish to have. Make a commitment to yourself to ‘Achieve Your Dreams’. There are very few things in life that are impossible to achieve. I agree that it is unlikely that I will ever be President of the United States or the Pope. However with all due respect to those that are elected to these most important public offices, I have no desire to be either of these roles, even if I could. This is NOT my life plan. But it is theirs and I admire and respect those that achieve their ultimate goal.

I have worked hard and long to get the lifestyle I wish. Yes I have made a great many sacrifices in both time and money. This is all part of the adventure! Yet with receiving some support along the way from those that at least believed in me, even if they do not necessarily agree with my method of achieving my lifestyle,  I am now well on my way to achieving my dreams!

YOU can do it too. Look around you. Who or what is not serving you and hindering you. If it is a thought in your own mind that is stopping you from achieving your goals, then work through it! Push out of your comfort zone, push away those that are planting these negative seeds and take a chance! If you don’t take chances in life then you will never achieve your full potential. Take a small step now…. then another and you will see that it is not that bad afterall. Yes it can be a daunting  but ‘just do it!.

Michael E Thornley
Author and Entrepreneur

And World Traveller- join me at Dream Trips


Be true to your beliefs.

Be true to your beliefs … stand up for what is right…learn and grow from your interaction with society but do not waiver from your soul.

I am making all necessary changes to live by my convictions. What is true to Me, to my soul and to my heart. And let me say the term ‘soul’ does not belong to any religion…. it is your inner being.

This is something that we should all consider doing at times. Often we get swept away with all that is going on around us and forget, albeit momentarily, the core of who we are. I am not a religious man but I am a man of my own spiritual beliefs emanating from our ancestors and working together in harmony with Mother Earth and the energy that abounds throughout the universe.

Recently I found the ugliness of fanaticism and the bias and ignorance of some individuals raise its ugly head again which made me take a step back to reassess my own direction in life. I noticed that I was trying to walk multiple paths and this was not serving me as it should. I immediately closed the gates to some and politely exited others to return to my central being.

The world is currently seeing a global resurgence of extremists and I will not be swayed or drawn into any of the quarrels or the pettiness that has become apparent. It does not mean I  am ignorant nor am I choosing to be oblivious to current events. It is just that I see no purpose in compounding them. Yet I do stand tall against any extremist movements that bring deliberate or unnecessary harm to any living thing and for that I may not remain silent!

Yet that is only one aspect of my present defragmenting of my mind.  Since I was a child I have resonated with the natural world and it with me.  I guess it wasn’t that I strayed from this path but as alluded to above, I walked a number of paths or as we say, I was wearing many hats at once. All were worn in good faith and respect and these avenues were of interest to me due to my family history. But the core of their existence was not me…. it was an integral part of my spiritual journey to experience all of it over the last 16 years and it is something I will write about in time…… Sharing ‘My Spiritual Journey’.

So tonight as I write this I am feeling calmer and clearer and true.  I am listening to soothing music and being creative….. this is what I love.

Blessings to all,