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Baby Boomers Unite – plan for your future and support each other to ‘Achieve Your Dreams’.

Baby Boomers Unite Baby boomers are people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. I AM a Baby Boomer like you & I want all Boomers to plan for your future … Continue reading

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LIMITLESS – Escape the Rat Race and Make Money Online Greetings, In today’s blog post I am offering ALL of you the opportunity to get a FREE book on how to start your own online business. This book is written by … Continue reading

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Rhino’s – On the brink of extinction

                                                       Rhino’s – On the brink of extinction MORE THAN 5,000 RHINOS HAVE BEEN … Continue reading

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Traveling Leads to more……. with Michael Thornley and Dream Trips!

           Travelling Leads to More Sex, Weight Loss, and Feeling Younger, Study Says Today’s guest post is by DEBBIE ENCALADA. Great topic with me recently joining Dream Trips with World Ventures. Please enjoy the article and then watch … Continue reading

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Sort through the Chickens to find the Eagles!

” Sort through the Chickens to find the Eagles! Do you want to scratch around like chickens or soar with the Eagles?” I love this analogy and this is true in life as in business. Many are simply happy and content … Continue reading

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Work-Family Balance Issues? Try These 9 Tips

Today’s guest post courtesy of Matt Llyod CEO MOBE. Michael Ellis Thornley Writer and Entrepreneur “It’s not surprising that women and men alike say balancing work life with family life is an ongoing challenge. Juggling kids, a spouse and a … Continue reading

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Webinar FREE- building an On-line Business

WEBINAR – Introducing This Exclusive Webinar FREE to my subscribers here! From Michael Ellis Thornley The 3-Step Formula For Building A Super-Profitable Online Business In 30 Days Or Less… Guaranteed! Michael Ellis Thornley Creator of the Wealth Flow Formula

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Commitment and Consistency

What are the two biggest challenges people face in life that prevent them from being a success? Commitment and consistency. Most people dabble in this…… They “commit” to something at the beginning, when it’s new and exciting, yet that “commitment” … Continue reading

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Your habits determine your future

Guest blog with Kristen Owens Your habits determine your future. Is that encouraging for you to hear?  For me, it is a wakeup call to allow me to look into my life and assess where I am and what I … Continue reading

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“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” with Kristen Owens

“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” GUEST POST: Shared from an Email I received from Kristen Owens – Author, Speaker, Coach, Holistic Nutritionist . This is line with what I have talked about in the past and worth sharing with you … Continue reading

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