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Celebrations ! Success! with the Michael Thornley Organisation

Celebrations! Gone Viral! Record visits and interaction! My website  has improved its ranking position by 9 million in just 6 months! #Viral ! Thank you to all my Subscribers, Contributors and Followers as it is YOU that has helped … Continue reading

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Something Inspiring!

Inspiration Something inspiring I have thought long and hard about something inspiring to share with you today. Some days it flows; some days it ebbs and other days it ebbs and flows 🙂 Surely out of my interactions today something … Continue reading

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Always be you!

Always be you…… not the you another wants for you as it is not you…… the true you will always shine through the false idol of you another attempts to create OF you but never succeeds IN you ……This I … Continue reading

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Commitment and Consistency

What are the two biggest challenges people face in life that prevent them from being a success? Commitment and consistency. Most people dabble in this…… They “commit” to something at the beginning, when it’s new and exciting, yet that “commitment” … Continue reading

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Awesome ….. Don’t be perfect just be awesome !

  Awesome Don’t be perfect …just be awesome ! and get on with life as you will never be perfect as we are always learning and growing ! Michael Thornley ‘Achieve your dreams’

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Get some fresh air!

Get some fresh air! Do you ever find yourself stuck in an office all day long or perhaps locked inside your home due to work or inclement weather? Bogged down and stressed out, depressed even, unable to break out of that … Continue reading

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7 Keys to Step out of your Way and Step into your Power

FREE RESOURCE: From time to time I will be forwarding to you what I consider to be useful information that relates to  ‘Achieving your Dreams’. There are many people in cyberspace that are offering solutions to life including some fine … Continue reading

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