Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

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 Education, healthcare and support – children, families, villages.

‘The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation helps transform the lives of children and their families living in poor underserved villages around the region of Bodhgaya in Northern India. We bring quality education and proper healthcare along with family and community support programs to those that need it most.’
‘Since 2009 we have helped thousands of children and their families live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We believe when children receive good education and caring support they can become leaders that help lift their families and whole community out of the needless cycle of poverty.’

‘Education is essential for human development, starting with play schools for young children all the way through high school and beyond we bring important educational programs and nurture the imagination of children living in impoverished villages around Bodhgaya that would normally have very little opportunities for a future of hope and prosperity.’

‘Healthcare for those who are poor and have very little can mean disaster, their level of poverty often prevents them from going to a hospital or seeking any type of medical intervention. We provide free healthcare to children, families and community members, offering medical and dental services to over 2000 people in the Bodhgaya area every year.’

‘Career and leadership training programs are one of the key elements to help break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families and communities, basic education is important but with out the skills necessary to get a paying job students will go back to the same impoverished lifestyle they were born in to. Learning vocational and leadership skills give students the ability to improve their own, their families and communities lives.’

Dhirenrda- Sharma Michael-Thornley

Head project coordinator Dhirenrda Sharma talking with parents at one of our parent teacher meetings. Dhirendra has boundless compassion for bringing proper education and love to children and their families in the most underserved areas around Bodghaya.

‘Our award winning Bodhi Tree School is at the heart of our educational programs, along with building play schools for children in the local villages, vocational training and adult literacy education, we offer important support for a full lifetime of learning for everyone.’

‘When children receive good education, proper nutrition and loving kindness they can become leaders that help lift their families and whole communities out of poverty. We choose the name Bodhi Tree for our Educational Foundation because the Bodhi Tree is an international symbol of compassion, wisdom and peace.’

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(The above information was published with permission from Dhirendra Sharma, Program Director of the Bodhi  Tree foundation and member of the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (India). )
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