Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross

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The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross

The OSC (Order of the Southern Cross) was founded in June 2010 by Col. Michael Thornley.

Our Mission:
Working to ensure that the education, health & welfare of our global children is developed & maintained and supporting the communities in which they live

Our Motto- “Faith, Unity & Charity”

Faith– Faith in humanity & the right of an individual to follow their own faith, ideal or belief.

Unity– The bringing together of people from around the world in the name of humanity.

Charity– Working to ensure that the education, health & welfare of our global children is developed & maintained.

Over the years, the OSC has represented various charitable endeavours and has promoted nobility, chivalry, spirituality and humanitarian aspects of society.

At its core are the values of Faith Unity & Charity. These values continue today as a shining beacon for OSC members the world over.

The OSC has also successfully brought together people of many faiths and ideals, standing together as one for our global children and the communities in which they live. The primary focus of the OSC is on the education, health and the general well-being of our global children. And these values will continue under the banner of the ‘Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross.’ (2017)

We support many organisations including:
– Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation (India)
– Jennifer School Campus (India)

– Thornley WIldlife Foundation (International) 
– The Canadian Health Sciences Institute (International)
– REAP – Rural Education Assistance Project (Ghana)
– Michael Lapsley Foundation (Ghana)


In addition, the OSC has a conservation arm namely the OSC-CSO which works closely with such organisations as the Thornley Wildlife Foundation.

So join with me and support the OSC as a Guardian of Mother Earth and all that she nurtures.

H.E. Col.  Michael Thornley
President of the OSC


The Organisation

The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC) is both an NGO (Non-governmental organisation) and a NPO (Non-profit organisation).

The OSC is an unincorporated, non-monetary and voluntary organisation.

The OSC is registered as an NGO with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

Memberships and Mutual Agreements







The Canadian Health Science Institute


UN Department of Economic & Social Affairs



All are welcome to apply for the entry to the General Forum of the OSC …..CLICK HERE(Please note this does not constitute membership to the OSC as
membership is granted on merit by the President)


Legal Disclaimer

  • All positions are honorary and granted on merit only. The positions remain the intellectual property of the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC)
  • The OSC is not responsible for the actions, reactions, illegal or immoral acts or otherwise of an appointed individual. The expectations of all positions within the OSC are to act within the international laws of morality, decency and legality.
  • Evidence of any act that could prove detrimental to the OSC will result in immediate expulsion of that individual or group of individuals from the OSC. We will also refer to and/or work with the relevant legal authorities should this be deemed necessary.

H.E. Col. Michael E Thornley
President OSC
© OSC 2017 2018, All rights reserved. Photos and graphics © OSC or used with permission or in good faith to promote humanitarian endeavours.