Humanitarian Organisation of the Southern Cross (OSC)

The Coat of Arms of the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross

The Humanitarian Organisation of the Southern Cross was established in June 2010.

What is the OSC and what is the role of OSC Custodians & Guardians

The OSC is a not for profit network of people around the world that wish to assist their communities, their families, their global children in creating peace and a better world for the future.

We share our local issues, our good works and seek guidance and inspiration from other members. We are a diverse family of cultures and strive for Faith, Unity and Charity, which is our our motto.

Faith is how one sees the world, the Universe and within the OSC we are respectful of one another’s beliefs.
Unity is the OSC family itself and the act of supporting each other.
Charity is what we can do as individuals to ensure the health, education and the well being of our global children as well as being a voice for them.

We also have a conservation arm, the OSC-CSO which encourages us to be a voice for all living things as, without them, we would not exist.

The positions of Custodian or Guardian is your role in this world. The OSC encourages you to do the best that you can with the time and resources you have. As individuals, you are encouraged to meet with others in your local areas, States or Countries and share with them your community involvement and indeed share with the OSC members too. The OSC continues to be a voice for many of the smaller charities around the world. An International platform, a voice to the world.

The OSC is not monetary oriented as the OSC does not transact in any form of currency. Our assets are our people; their networks; their talents and expertise; their connections to products or services that may be able to assist others with educational equipment for schools. Donations of time or money by individuals or as a project by members is entirely up to the Custodians of a region.

“Thus put simply, the members of the OSC are all Guardians of planet Earth and so let us support each other in building awareness of the social issues; help find solutions and to take positive steps to ensure that we maintain the balance of all that is sacred….. Life on Earth.”

Col. Michael Thornley GM