PMBF – Pertubuhan Bangsa Melayu Filipina

Pertubuhan Bangsa Melayu Filipina – Malay Heritage of the Philippines

Unifying the Nation for Real Change & Reform

The PBMF ( Malay Heritage of the Philippines) is an NGO and headed by H.E. Tuanku Lihondo Esmael Adam.

 Together we are One Race 

“The best principles to help ensure Leaders must remember the following truth proposition and theories should live by:

A. We need to Create a Clear and Shared Vision. Our mission statement or platform must be published and shared with all.

B. We should create a Positive and affirmative Culture. We need to understand that a powerful and strong culture will allow for purposeful brainstorming. When a leader creates a story hold of his/her culture in a positive way – retention is easy.

C. Communication is a Pivotal role. A strong leader will create standards & practices for strong and clear communication. The more we can connect, the greater and more positive open communication will be.

D. To make certain and ensure alignment in all sectors. A needs to make sure that all members protect the vision by choosing the right team members that will support the team vision.

E. Be People – Focused and Client-oriented. It’s about creating connections, loyalty and helping those around us grow daily.

When we learn these lessons and show up with a mindset to serve others & give our beat everyone wins. Let us know our roles which brings our Juan Katipunan in uniting the nation for a real change and reforms.

Philippines Senatorial Candidate 2022 Maharanee Marieta Mindalano-Adam


Shared with express permission of the PBMF ( Malay Heritage of the Philippines)