“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” with Kristen Owens

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“Creating an Unstoppable Mindset”

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This is line with what I have talked about in the past and worth sharing with you all again.

Michael Thornley
‘Achieve Your Dreams’
– Wealth creation- achieving the dot.com lifestyle



What I hear often from clients and even random people is they can’t seem to increase their income to a place where it’s not just about paying bills but really being able to live, travel, and enjoy their life.  They are not successful in this area.

It’s important to become clear about what is standing in your way from making more money. I’ve noticed that whatever that block is, tends to show up in other areas of your life; weight, health, business, relationships.
Regardless of where you are in your financial journey what I can tell you are these 4 tips to move you in the right direction and make strides forward to the success you desire and creating more….more money, more time, more freedom, more happiness.
Here are 4 mindset secrets I use:
1.  The bigger my fear, the bigger reason to choose it.   If you’re not feeling any fear then you are stuck in your comfort zone.  If you are feeling fear about doing something then just do it, otherwise that fear will keep you where you don’t want to be and everything will stay status quo.  If your fearful to do what is necessary to get out of debt then do it….that is the very thing that will help you.
2. Make decisions based on where you want to be.  Rather than where you don’t want to be.  Ask yourself where you want to be financially in a year.  Be clear as to what you want. You will be sending a message to your unconscious that you’re ready. When your unconscious is ‘in the game’ you will begin to notice things around you change and line up. Ie. When I first invested in a coach to help me transform my money mindset and my relationship with money I was scared because it was a large chunk of cash. When I invested I quickly saw changes begin to happen around me where more money started to come in.  I am no longer in the same place financially because I invested in me…was it scary? Yes. Did it change my life? Yes.
3.  What is important to you & why are you doing it?  Ask yourself why it is important to you to make more money. What will you do with it, who will it impact, how much more do you want than you make now?  My reason for doing what I do is because I want to impact women globally to succeed in their business’s and create financial and time freedom to live on their terms instead of growing someone else’s dream.  You deserve this.  Know your why!
4.  Commit first. When you commit to changing your life and your finances to live your dreams you begin to put into place the very energy needed to begin making this happen.  There is a difference when you commit and when you ‘try’ and see what comes.  Commitment is doing the thing even after the feeling you had in beginning wears off.  Are you committed to moving forward, succeeding and doing what it takes?  Don’t worry about the how just commit first then the how will reveal itself.
Mindset is key when it comes to increasing your income. In fact, it’s the key to everything.  If you missed my webinar “Creating an Unstoppable Mindset” or you want to view again then click here to listen to it now.
If you’re at a place where you know it’s time to see your desires manifest and you want to increase your income then the only way to get what you want is by getting clear with your vision and your action plan.  If you’d like some help putting together an action plan, I’d be happy to jump on a quick (but powerful) call with you!  Just click reply with “let’s chat”. 
To your Success,
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