House of Thornley

The Thornley family are of more recent times, a landed gentry family (Yeoman) descending from the Claytons, Lord of Old Crooke and Fulwood; the Blundells, Lords of Ince; the Eaves, Lords of Fishwick; the Molyneuxs, Lords of Mellynge; the Radcliffes, Lords of Ordsall; the Talbots, Lords of Bashall; the Athertons, Sheriffs of Lancashire.

Historic map of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire

The historical home of the Thornley family of Mellor is in the Ribble river district of Lancashire. The photos below are of the Thornley-with-Wheatley area of Preston, Lancashire and the hills and moors pictured are the ‘Forest of Bowland’. It is said that this area was an inspiration for author J.R.R. Tolkien and the Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings books.

My forebears, the Parker family, were appointed the Bowbearers of the Forest of Bowland

Through Y DNA verification, the Thornley’s of Mellor, Lancashire descend in the male line from the Beauchamp family of Elmey Castle, the Earls of Warwick.

John de Beauchamp of Elmey, 1st Baron Beauchamp de Warwick, Knight of the Garter, 3rd son of Guy de Beauchamp, 10th Earl of Warwick

Our foremothers also descend from a number of English noble families that include the Curzons, Townsends, Calverts, Burgoynes, Beaumonts, Conyers, Judde- Smythe, St.Omer (England). Ayala (Spain) Bransvaal; Stalnacke; Trolle, Lords of Bergkvara; Hard, Lords of Segerstad; Kagge, Lords of Fjallskafte (Sweden) These Houses in turn descend from the Royal Houses of Plantagenet(England) , Bonde (Sweden) Capet (France), Castille, Aragon, Portugal, Hungary

Sir Christopher Conyers, 2nd Baronet (1621–1693)
My 9th great grandfather
Sir John SMYTHE MP (1557- 1608)
My 11th Great Grandfather
SIR Richard Saltonstall (1521-1601)
Lord Mayor of London
My 12th great-grandfather
John Selwyn Esq.
My 13th great grandfather
(1518 – 1594)
Admitted to the ‘Middle Temple’ of barristers in London.
HM KING Charles VIII of Sweden
My 18th great-grandfather
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