Living the Laptop Lifestyle

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Firstly, you may be asking what is ‘Living the Laptop Lifestyle’?

Well it is exactly as is suggested by the title……. you can earn an income via your computer.

With a Laptop and Internet connection you can virtually work from anywhere in the world!
This is what I do and there are many ways of achieving this.

Let’s first look at what the laptop lifestyle is not. The Laptop Lifestyle is NOT about working for other people. You don’t have to work for anyone else – it is just you and your laptop computer, making money from wherever you happen to be.

  • No boss
  • No clients ( you will have customers usually, but that is a different mindset)
  • No one telling you what to do

Living the laptop lifestyle you CAN make a difference in the world, your world and your friends and families world 🙂

The laptop lifestyle is a huge life change. It’s a way to ‘retire’ now and spend more time doing the things you want to do.

Living the laptop lifestyle allows you turn a hobby into a full-time income. You can actually start part-time, with no need to quit your job immediately (and I recommend that you commence this way), so there’s no fear about making the transition from being a full-time employee to a part-time online entrepreneur.

woman on beach working on laptop against the sea

So is the laptop lifestyle for you?

If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions, then you NEED the laptop lifestyle:

  • Is going to work something you suffer through all week so you can enjoy the weekends?
  • Do you bury your dreams and passions so you can chase a paycheck every week?
  • Do you spend Sundays with a feeling of dread because you know Monday is right around the corner?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of going to work every day? 

Now as a caveat to the above, you must know that it is not a matter of simply creating a webpage and getting rich quick. It requires hard work, many hours of marketing and often  building your own ‘Brand’/ profile (although you do NOT need your own products to sell……. see Affiliate Marketing

However with the right tools and advice and following in the footsteps of those that are successful…AND there are indeed many…. you too can be living the Laptop Lifestyle like I am 🙂

If you want to know more then drop me a line to

Michael Ellis Thornley
Creator of the wealth Flow Formula
‘Aspire to Inspire before you Expire’

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