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‘Achieve Your Dreams’

So who are we and what is this all about?

The ‘Achieve Your Dreams’ website is daily journal of my thoughts and experiences in achieving my own dreams. My credo is to achieve my dreams and indeed it is the ‘motto’ on my Coat of Arms.

And achieve my dreams I have and continue to do! I have traveled and lived in Europe and the USA as well as Australia naturally. Well I am an Aussie after all 🙂

I also share with you the ways in which I have achieved my dreams through writing and business education, something that you too can achieve.

Want to know more? Then peruse the pages of our website as there is a solution awaiting You! ….. as Michael Jordan of NIKE fame says “Just Do It”.

Michael in Toledo Spain with the Man from LaMancha

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

Believe in your passions! Just put it out to the Universe and make it happen. Oh and remember, be careful what you ask for as dreams do come true 😉 ….And they really do!

As for me, I desired a particular lifestyle and I have achieved this by adopting a positive mindset and supporting this with an On-line Income to make it all happen! Hence, as I said above and say again, JUST DO IT!   Ask me how YOU too can achieve this!

Michael with the Grand Master Haidong Gumdo Australia. Martial Arts.

So please enjoy my posts; make use of the Resources and Links available and take the first step in ‘achieving your own dreams’ whatever they may be! Furthermore, follow me through my social pages (Links below) and interact with fellow entrepreneurs.

Michael Thornley
Author & Entrepreneur


‘Aspire to Inspire before you Expire ‘


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In addition, here are some of the honours  that I have been blessed with.

Kentucky Colonel as granted and commissioned by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear 2012 for services to Humanity.

Orthodox and Apostolic Prince of the Cross and Crozier 2007. An Ecclesiastical lay  ‘title’ equivalent to that of an ordained Orthodox Bishop. This honour was bestowed by Mathias Mar Yusef, Orthodox Patriarch of the Apostolic Orthodox Church of India-Nasrani Mappila. (This  Ecclesiastical honour is applicable within the Orthodox Church)

Honoured adopted Brother and Warrior of the First Nation Chickamauga of past Grand Chief Billy Miller, Yansa Analasgisgv- Dancing Buffalo. I was granted the native name of ‘Gray Eagle’ by Principal Chief Moon Wolf of the Thunderbolt Tsikamagi Nation. 2013
Warrior of the Wind Clan & Headsman of the Turtle Band.

Founder and Grand Master of the Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross Foundation a Humanitarian & Conservation Organisation which I founded in June 2010.

Founder and President of the Thornley Wildlife Foundation 2016

– Received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from the New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. The Institute is accredited by and with the World Council of Post-secondary and Religious Education in March 2015

Embaixador da Paz ( Ambassador for Peace) Brazil 2012

The Royal Society Peace Award, Saudi Arabia 2012

– Certificate of Humanitarian Achievement by the FAAVM (Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities) in Canada 2017

Justice of the Peace, Qld, Australia 1988

Usui Reiki Practitioner 2015


Diploma of Legal Studies 1991

Diploma of Small Business Management 1990

Certificate IV of Health Care & First Aid 2017

Certificate of Landscape Design 1989