Struggling to overcome fear & procrastination?

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Our guest post today is from our regular contributor Kristen Owens.
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Michael Ellis Thornley
Creator of the Wealth flow Formula
‘Aspire to Inspire before you Expire’



Kristen Owens


I spent a long time saying affirmations and still getting nowhere. I followed what other experts said to do but still saw no results.
I wanted to have all my ducks in a row before I got started…… Well not even all of them but at least a few and it still didn’t make a difference. My bank account month after month told me the same story that no matter what I did it wouldn’t be enough.
Do you know what it’s like to waver back and forth believing that it could be possible for you then when your circumstances say otherwise you then find yourself doubting, questioning whether you’ll get to where you want to go.  You’re motivated to keep going but you find yourself not following through on your initial commitments?  (Psst…my follow through used to be ‘not-so-good’)
Fear stops you from doing what you desire the most in your heart  because the defeating story you’ve created seems so real. 
This is me for a very loooong time. I was in the game then I would pull myself out of the game quicker than you can say success!!!? I was one of those people that try to work on her inner game at large. When people asked me what I’ve done to stay in the game, overcome procrastination, fear and excuses” (that all seem never-ending) I tell them unequivocally  that it was an inner game. PERIOD!!!
Do you realize, that 40% of the population experience financial loss due to procrastination? Yikes!!! If you experience procrastination you are not alone and there is more to it than you might think. It downright sabotages any chance to your success.
Think about it!  How often do you procrastinate? How long have you been procrastinating? Do you make excuses after you’ve procrastinated to make you feel better and remind yourself that it is okay and there’s always next time? Or maybe you are one who beat yourself up?  Always telling yourself it’s not good enough or you’re not good enough?
What if you could go about your business (or life) productively on a daily basis while developing a personal action plan to increase results that leaves you feeling accomplished.   Your  belief rises in yourself, confidence  and courage flourishes drawing in your perfect clients (or connections) and big consistent paydays?
Trust me, it’s an amazing feeling on a daily basis to complete tasks that you know are moving your business (or life) forward and doing it without overwhelmed. All at the same time rewarding yourself for the small steps and craving million-dollar habits that will surely create the results you desire.

There are steps and tools to not only overcome the very thing that gets in your way which is what will explore in our time together. Steps to overcome the fear that comes up to hold you back from what you are capable of.

Here’s to Bust’in up 2016!
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