Work on your Business, not in your Business!

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“We get so caught up in the daily life of running a business, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.”

Many Business owners or Managers have a desire to spend more time working on, rather than in their businesses. But they become so bogged down with the day-to-day operations that they have little time to step back from it and evaluate the businesses current status.

Unfortunately for some this can be too late as, they overlook those vital signs of a faltering business that, if they were managing correctly, would have been noticed and attended to promptly. They find that they can not pause to be innovative or creative to plan new strategies in order to grow their business..

Yet there are many benefits in taking time to work on and not in your business, both in terms of developing the growth potential of the business and also the personal well-being and satisfaction gained.

The key is to work smarter not harder…. “Finding a good balance between doing the work you love and trained for and doing work to develop new business is key” writes Bill Taylor. Business owners must find the time and indeed make the time each and every month to work on their business and focus on developing new business opportunities. If they do not then it can lead to missed opportunities, errors and below par results”.

However, like all things in life there should be a balance. I believe that one should continue to work in the business but only for a third of the time which is achieved by the delegation of some of the duties to the employees that were previously undertaken by Management. Then the remaining two-thirds of the time can be spent working effectively and efficiently on the business.

The lesson here is that when you achieve a certain level of success, it is possible to cut back on the day-to-day management and focus on building the business. But removing yourself altogether isn’t an option if you you wish to have growth by creating new opportunities and growing your client base.

A balanced approach will help you become a better entrepreneur, a stronger leader and the owner of a far more successful business that you actually enjoy running 🙂

Michael Thornley
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